29 April 2011

Loving ZA Cosmetics

I've been searching for the right make-up for me for as long as I can remember. I wanted a make-up that is not too pricey and right for my skin type. Good thing I saw the blog post of Makeup Stash about ZA Cosmetics.

After reading the blog post, I was convinced to buy ZA products already. So after work, I went straight to Watson's to check if the products that I wanted were available.

At first, I didn't see True White Plus Instant Brightener in the shelves but with the proper "rummaging" I saw it at the side.

I bought the primer/brightener, foundation and case and blush vibrante. I love the effect of the ZA products to my face. It has a matte finish that made me look fresh and flawless (chos!). Even Doms loved it. He said the make-up blended well in my skin tone (Doms: Ayus yung make-up hindi mashadong halata pero ok).

Here are some of my pictures using the ZA products that I bought.

OK, I know I don't know how to put make-up but this is the best that I can do. Next time, I will be buying the eye shadow and the mascara to complete my set.

Royal Wedding Day

Yup, today is the day when my ex-crush Prince William will marry the love if his life, Kate. I am really excited about this event. I particularly like the fairy tale story of how they met and eventually fell in love.

I want to see Kate's wedding gown! I read somewhere that her gown will be a vintage Alexander McQueen creation! Shucks! I love it!

I wore my peach flower top today to commemorate William and Kate's wedding. I love this top!

I also brought along my heavy laptop to work so I can watch the wedding live this afternoon. I really wish I can get a trusted and nice URL for the live streaming.

28 April 2011

Apple Store Preps

I got this message when I clicked on the Apple Store site:

They are getting ready with the online sale of iPAD2 already. The iPad 2 can be purchased from select Apple Authorised Resellers, and online through the Apple Store (www.apple.com/sg) starting from 1am Singapore time.

The iPad 2 will have a suggested retail price of $668 for the 16GB model, $798 for the 32GB model and $928 for the 64GB model while the iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G will be going for $848 for the 16GB model, $978 for the 32GB model and $1,108 for the 64GB model.

I'm so excited already! I want to get a hold of it now!

Meet My Digital Pork-aloid Camera

Doms finally bought me my dream Polaroid Pogo 2 Camera. I've been wanting this camera for the longest time! I dreamed about it many times already and I am so happy I got it now!

Thanks to my sweet husband for buying this to me! We can use this on our next adventure in _ _ _ _ _ _!

The A. Venue Experience

A. Venue Hotel and Suites was not how I expected it to be. Since the cost per night of the hotel is very cheap, I was half expecting it to be like a "motel" or "apartelle" type.

The hotel was situated in the middle of Makati Avenue. Stores, Restos and Malls were all a stone's throw away. It was walking distance to Doms' place and to the church activities that we wanted to do in our short vacation.

A. Venue's hotel lobby was presentable enough. The desk personnel were all accommodating and they explained to us all the things that we should know. Check in was a breeze so we were able to go up our rooms in less than 30 minutes.

Our room looked amazing! It was small but it can fit up to 10 people, all sitting down. The aircon was cold and not once did I hear brother complain that it was warm. The sheets were clean and the chairs were comfortable enough. Even the bed was nice a comfortable.

My only concerns were the curtains and the lighting.

Curtains were not made very well. I understand that they wanted to cover the window from the ceiling to the floor but I really hope that they got a good curtain maker. There were gaps in the curtain where the light was streaking. They should have gotten blinds instead. For the lighting, the room was kinda dim because they used spotlights instead of normal fluorescent lights.

All in all, I loved our stay in A. Venue. Doms told that in our next vacation, we will be staying there again.

21 April 2011

Doms' Fascination with Musical Instruments

OK, I know I married a music buff. Ever since Doms and I first met, I already know that he loves music and that he loves playing musical instruments. He used to play in a band when he was in college as a bassist.

Well anyway, Doms bought a guitar from Manila and bought it all the way here in Singapore last January. He kept on saying he missed playing the guitar and that he will sing for me so I agreed to it.

He loves playing his guitar! I like hearing him play because he sings along every time he plays the guitar.

Now, his fascination is towards playing the violin! He said he wanted to start playing the violin. I immediately said NO! Because how can he learn to play it? But Doms insisted that he can learn.

Oh no, how can I get out of this?

20 April 2011

My DIY Pizza

This morning, I had this crazy craving for pizza. No pizza brand in particular. I just wanted to eat pizza with cheese. So, an idea came in my mind. I remembered my housemate Joy telling me about the thin crust pizza that she made using pitas. So, I passed b the grocery on my work to work to buy the ingredients to my DIY pizza.

I bought the wholemeal Pita Pocket because I thought I can just stuff everything inside and eat it. But, it doesn't have a whole so I just made it really into a pizza. I love how the pita smelled and looked like. It's like one whole flat play dough.

I also brought in straight from our fridge the Tomato Basil sauce that I bought from QB. too bad I wasn't able to buy pepperoni slices. My pizza looked incomplete tuloy.

But I love how it tasted! Next time, I will complete my ingredients naman.


18 April 2011

MOF Lunch

After hearing Palm Sunday mass, Doms and I decided to eat lunch at Ministry of Food at AMK Hub. It was our first time to try this place and we really liked it.

MOF Interior in AMK Hub

Doms ordered the Saba Rice Bento while I ordered the Chicken Curry Set.

Sabe Bento Set

Chicken Curry Set


The curry was just right for me. It was not too hot. The sauce was to die for! The sauce itself was good enough with the rice.

We ordered Tuna Sandwich too but I was not able to take a picture of it.

Oh and we ordered the Barista's Recommendation called Double Chocolate Chip Frappe. It wad just OK and nothing unuque about the drink but we enjoyed it.

Double Chocolate Chip Frappe

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14 April 2011

Downloaded Movie Review: The Way Back

OK I didn't watch the whole movie mainly because I didn't like the the theme and "feel" of the movie when Doms played it. But I still tried to watch it. When I recognized some of the actors, I became more interested.

The movie is about a group of prisoners and their journey as they escape the Siberian gulag during the WWII. From this statement alone, I would definitely stop watching this movie and just sleep. But when I saw Collin Farell, Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe) and Saoirse Ronan (City of Ember), I became interested.

The movie focused more on the trials that each of the prisoners overcame just to reach their goal of freedom. Some of them were discouraged and just went back and some of them pursued their goal.

They've experienced a lot during their travel. Death, hallucinations, hunger, thirst, exhaustion and depression. They walked from Russia to Mongolia then to China then to their destination, India.

I liked the actors of the movie. They were all convincing. The story was not hard to understand but the actors made it above from the rest.

13 April 2011

More Places to Visit During Our Holy Week Vacation

I'm so excited about our upcoming Holy Week vacation in Manila. I've been writing down my list of places to go and restos to eat in and I found out 2 more places to go to.

Since Doms and I will be staying in A. Venue hotel for 2 nights, I really believe that we can finally go to the Makati and Ortigas Malls that we haven't been to since we transferred here in SG. Like for instance, Pioneer Center. I have no freaking idea where this place is. I found out it's near Boni and I wanted to try ChaTime. Their bubble tea drinks seems nice and the place looks good too.

Classic Confections Greenbelt 5
Another mall that I haven;t been to is Greenbelt 5. I don't know why but I think this mall was built already before I left for SG but I still, I haven't visited that mall yet. I wish we can go there and try Classic Confections.

I've seen Monsee's along White Plains already and I will definitely move heaven and earth just to stop by that store and buy their goodies.

I'm so excited already! I really hope we can fit all these places in our very short vacation. Oh no! My diet is down the drain na talaga.

Addicted to Lipton Forest Fruit Tea

I am not really a fan of drinking tea before. I always equate tea with constipation. My mom used to let us drink tea if we feel bloated after overeating or if we have stomach aches.

Now that I am based in a country where tea is everywhere, literally everywhere, I started to love it.

My first favorite tea is the Lipton Apple Flavored Tea. I love it's aroma and I love it's sweet taste.

I bought my mom around 7 boxes of this apple tea and she loved it so much! But now I have a new favorite, Lipton Forest Fruit Tea.

My colleague Pat, was the one who introduced this tea flavor to me. I tried it and I loved it!

Lipton Forest Fruit Tea is the only tea that made me want to drink tea every night. Can you believe it, every night! This tea flavor taste like a fusion of all the wonderful and great smelling fruits that I like. The aroma itself makes me want to relax and sleep.

I bought 5 boxes for my mom because this one costs more than the apple tea but I don't care. I still love this tea flavor and I will drinking it.


12 April 2011

Turbo Broiled Pork with Potatoes, Salmon and Tomato Soup and Bacon and Brocolli Wrap

I haven't uploaded any of my recent dishes yet. I don't know why but I was totally busy last week. Anyway, our lunch last Saturday was Turbo Broiled Pork with Potatoes and Onion.

I loved it! I couldn't believe my eyes when the pork strips were gurgling fat and oil while cooking. I usually see those stuff on TV and not in real life and me doing it.

There was nothing very particular about my pork recipe. I just marinated the liempo strips in light soy sauce, rice wine, sesame seed oil, starch, oyster sauce and grated ginger. Of course I sprinkled salt and pepper to my liempo too. For the potatoes and onion, I just added salt and pepper to taste and a little olive oil so it wont' dry. I loved it!

Next stop was my Salmon in Tomato Soup dish.

This was easy because this dish was just like sinigang but more! I started off with sauteing garlic, onion, ginger and tomatoes. Then, I added the salmon head and salmon fillet. I poured water and I let it simmer for 15 minutes. Then, I added basil. That's it! I liked how it tasted too but Doms wanted more patis in it.

My favorite among all our dishes this week was my Chili Crab and my Bacon and Asparagus Wrap.

Well, I wasn't able to take a picture of my Chili Crab because we ate it right away and this was all left. I will be sharing the steps next time.

With my chili crab I also cooked Bacon and Asparagus Wrap. I like this so much! I will be making this again even in Manila.

I just bought a pack of bacon then a of asparagus wrapped it and pan-grilled it! I love it!


"A tablet a day and I was Limitless"

Last Sunday, Doms and I watched the suspense drama movie of Bradley Copper, Limitless. We were hesitant at first. We were choosing between Sucker Punch and Limitless while in queue to buy tickets in Golden Village, VivoCity. But since we watched the trailer of Limitless the previous night and found it interesting, we just opted to watch it.

Good thing we chose Limitless. I liked the story and I like the movie. It kept me guessing the whole time of what will happen next. I also like the idea or the concept of NZT 48 and it being a "way" to open up a persons mind 100%. Wish I could have that pill.

Anyway, my favorite part was the ending. When Bradley Copper was all dressed up and cleaned up nicely because he was a senatorial candidate. I loved his suit! But the part when he "predicted"  that the van will crash and the part when he felt Robert De Niro's chest and found out that he needs to take care of his heart creeped me out! WTF, is he a psychic now?

Overall, I loved the movie and I'm giving it 3 stars for now.

07 April 2011

American Idol 10: Top 9 Performances

Are you shitting me?!?! This episode is my favorite episode so far among all the other episodes of AI10. I mean all of the contestants performed very well and I really, really enjoyed watching this episode. The Top 9 contestants really rocked everyone watching!

I so love this episode. I wanted to add everyone's performance here in my blog. But I am just posting here the one's that I liked the most. Thanks to http://www.youtube.com/user/LoverAmericanIdol for all the videos.

So, I'm starting off with Haley Reinhart singing "Piece of My Heart"

Surprisingly, I loved Haley's performance. She's improving and I think she will be staying a little longer in this game. I couldn't believe I'm writing this down about her. I hated her before but she really sang this song beautifully. And I really loved the song she sang.

Next, is Paul Mcdonald. I love his voice. I love his moves. I love everything about Paul!

He really rocked his performance and I really think that the audience and the judges loved his performance as well. I love Paul ever since and I really hope that he continues on with Idol.

Then came Scotty McCreery. I love him! I adore him!

Scotty never ceases to amaze me. He really is an adorable guy. I don't know why but every time I watch Scotty, I always have a smile on my face. He is so cute! And he really sings well. This performance made everyone aware that he can sing not only Country songs but other genres as well.

Next in line is Casey Abrams. He really have a unique way of singing. If Casey was one of my classmates in  college, I will see him as a weird person. A weird but cool person that I will talk to. He really deserves to be saved. I loved the song and I loved his bass!

Oh and how can I forget Jacob. I got the feeling that he will be going home tomorrow but I want to post his video because his performance really made me laugh. I like his "thrust" moves!

Migraine Sucks!!!

Well, it’s my time of the month and I really hate it when this happens.

Every month, when my “visitor” comes, I get abdominal pains, recurrent migraines, back pains and bad stomach aches. Aside from these, I also get very emotional and I get very moody.

It’s really hard being a girl. It’s fun if it’s not my period days. I wish there’s a way where I can skip these days. It really affects my work and my attitude.

Source: http://www.divapor.com/

Watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Again

I was really so happy that I was able to download the first part of one of my favorite movie series of all time, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

We were so excited to watch it again, even if we watched in the cinema. The movie still never ceases to amaze me. I still shout at certain scenes, I still feel the suspense and thrill of most of the parts and I still laugh at the places that were funny.

I loved the part when Harry, Ron and Hermoine were at Luna’s place. They were talking about the story of the 3 brothers of the Deathly Hallows. Hermoine started reading the story and when she said “twilight”, Ron interrupted and said “Midnight! Mum always says midnight”. The scene was hilarious! I mostly loved Ron’s funny lines and antiques in the entire move. His lines relieved everyone’s anxiety throughout the duration of the movie.

Now I’m so excited about the second and last installment of the movie! I want to watch it already! But it will still open in theaters this July and that seems so far away!
I also have the complete Harry Potter Books in my iPad so I can read the books whenever I want it. I hope July comes fast so we can watch Part 2 already.

06 April 2011

Really Wishing Hard

Lately, I've been wishing and praying so hard for a lot of stuff. These "stuff" are not only material things but also stuff for our future.

I know I cannot get them all at the same time. I am also open to the fact that I might not even get them at all. But I know that God is listening to all my prayers and I also know that He will give me a chance to have them.

Just this morning, I was praying so hard for Doms and his employment pass. His renewal was approved already but until now, he still isn't scheduled to appear in MOM because there are some other requirements from his company that are needed before the appointment. I really wish that everything will be OK with the requirements so that he can go to MOM and have his new pass processed so he can get the actual pass on time for our Manila vacation.
Blessed Apostle St. Jude, we call upon you for help in hope and utmost confidence.  St Jude renowned help of the hopeless, come to my aid in this time of distress.  St. Jude, cousin of our Lord, obtain from our Savior the favors I now need and seek.

Then, I was also praying for our future "humble abode" in Manila. Ever since we got married, Doms and I wanted our own house. Whether be it a separate detached house or a condominium unit, we wanted to have a place of our own. There are a lot of plans for this one and currently this situation is taking up most of my energy. I always pray for this and I want this to go through. Doms and I are both excited with this to the point that we search for house designs already and we imagine how our future home will look like.
O Holy St Jude!
Apostle and Martyr,
great in virtue and rich in miracles,
near kinsman of Jesus Christ,
faithful intercessor for all who invoke you,
special patron in time of need;
to you I have recourse from the depth of my heart,
and humbly beg you,
to whom God has given such great power,
to come to my assistance;
help me now in my urgent need and grant my earnest petition.
I will never forget thy graces and favors you obtain for me
and I will do my utmost to spread devotion to you.Amen.
Tehre are other stuff that I want but these 2 are the greatest. I really hope that I can have the virtue of patience so that I can wait for these events to happen. I know that God will give us a chance to experience all of the wishes that we have. 

04 April 2011

Wifey Note # 10: Revenge

Source: http://bookmania.tumblr.com/page/9

50 Ways to cope with Stress

Source: http://bookmania.tumblr.com/page/6
Found this while browsing my Tumblr. Virtual highlighting SAY "NO" MORE OFTEN. that's for YOU!


I really hate a lot of things. Just now, I learned something that really made me so mad. I hate what's happening and I hate my reaction to it.

It's really hard for me to deal with things and situations that I hate. I just want to run away and forget about it. But the problem with forgetting about the things that I hate is that when I get to hear them again in the future, it brings back the hatred and the bad feelings that I shoved aside.

SHIT! I just burned my tongue again! I hate it when this happens.

I also hate it when I am not a priority. Well, who would like that?

I hate it when people are not vocal about the right thing. It's the RIGHT thing, fight for it! In this life, accepting and accepting that you need to do this or you need to do that will be your downfall. you should know when to say stop!

Problem is, maybe you think I am not worth the fight and this makes me hate you more.

American Idol 10: From 11 to 9

I know I haven't posted any updates about AI10 recently. I've been busy uploading and sharing my food discoveries and my recipes that I totally forgot about AI10.

OK so Elton John theme went by. Just like the other blogs that I read, the performers were great. It was as if the only nudge they needed was the early use of the Judges Save. As i watched all the performers, I felt that the competition was really starting.

The results were predictable. Among the top 11 contestants, Thia and Naima were the ones who I really believed were coming home. Both of them were mediocre. Better luck next time girls! But you were great and you were part of one of the coolest American Idol season that I watched.

So from11, they are now 9.

I read in some other blogs that the theme for the coming week will be "Rock n' Roll". Of course, James Durbin is expected to give it all out this time. this is his theme so he better give a "bombastic" performance. If he plays it safe, Jacob might be the one who will leave for this theme.

Can't wait for the coming episode! I hope they will give us a great show!

02 April 2011

Banoffee Pie

I've been creating different types of desserts lately. My first creation was my own version of Banoffee Pie. Thanks to Yuan for helping me out crush the Graham Crackers using his plastic hammer, hehehe.

I wasn't very sure how it will turn out at first. But I still went through with it.

Banoffee Pie
Crushed Graham Crackers
Sliced Bananas
and Whipped Cream for Topping

Mix the meted butter with the crushed Graham Crackers and add sugar. In a container, lay the graham-butter-sugar mixture like a base.

In a small sauce pan, mix sugar and cream and allow them to melt together. Make sure that you don't burn the mixture as well as don't under cook it too. Once the sugar is caramelized, pour it on top of the base. Then, arrange the sliced banana.

Put the banofee in the fredge than serve with whipped cream on top.


Oreo Star. Something New

I saw this interesting package when I was in the grocery the other week.

I readily grabbed it and bought it. It was something new to me so I wanted to try it.

Inside consists of small round cookies similar to Oreos but instead of having the creamy filling inside, the filling is on top of the chocolate cookie shaped like a star.

It was really unique a new discovery for an Oreo lover like me. The sizes of the cookie was smaller than the usual Oreo but it was OK because since the cookie was very sweet. But I loved it!


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