05 November 2013

Was This Better?

I've been juggling a lot of blogs from here and there. I want to stick to my current blog but I want how I setup this blog.

29 July 2011

Nutritional Benefits of F & N aLive Yoghurt

I've been addicted to this Yoghurt brand and flavor here in Singapore. Ever since my OB here in SG told me to eat Yoghurt daily, I was in a constant search of finding the right yoghurt. Luckily, I found F & N aLive Mango flavor.

Nutritional benefits of F & N aLive includes Immun+ Bifidobacterium BB-12 and Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5 which aids my digestion and regulation of bacteria in my stomach.

I also love the chunky mango bits and nata de coco included in each pack. I was on a high when I saw particular flavor on sale in Fairprice so I hoarded a good amount of these yoghurts.

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28 July 2011

Healthy Mind at Work

I got this email from our company HR and it kinda sank into me. I admire Singapore for being so helpful to their people and the people living here. For instance, the Health Promotion Board opened their helplines for employees who are having trouble or problems in their workplace. Mind you, this a free counseling session to anyone who feels they need someone to talk pertaining to their daily work-life challenge. This just shows that they value worker and people who strive hard to earn a living.

We lack these types of incentives in the Philippines. Our government should also think of employee welfare and psychological health in time like this. Kudos to Singapore for having such idea to help employees in need!

27 July 2011

Photo Walk: Sydney Australia

This post shows pictures that I've taken during our Sydney Trip. I know I am still a beginner and I need more practice. But I am happy that I got to experience Sydney with Doms. Next stop, Orlando Florida (wish!)


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