13 April 2011

Addicted to Lipton Forest Fruit Tea

I am not really a fan of drinking tea before. I always equate tea with constipation. My mom used to let us drink tea if we feel bloated after overeating or if we have stomach aches.

Now that I am based in a country where tea is everywhere, literally everywhere, I started to love it.

My first favorite tea is the Lipton Apple Flavored Tea. I love it's aroma and I love it's sweet taste.

I bought my mom around 7 boxes of this apple tea and she loved it so much! But now I have a new favorite, Lipton Forest Fruit Tea.

My colleague Pat, was the one who introduced this tea flavor to me. I tried it and I loved it!

Lipton Forest Fruit Tea is the only tea that made me want to drink tea every night. Can you believe it, every night! This tea flavor taste like a fusion of all the wonderful and great smelling fruits that I like. The aroma itself makes me want to relax and sleep.

I bought 5 boxes for my mom because this one costs more than the apple tea but I don't care. I still love this tea flavor and I will drinking it.


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