30 May 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 Awesomeness in 3D

The past week was so tiring! My friend from North Fairview, Eden, had a short vacation here in Singapore this weekend so most of the time we were with her. I didn't really thought that we can actually watch a movie. So, Sunday morning when I learned that we cannot attend the early mass with Eden, we immediately planned to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. I loved the first movie so naturally, we will really watch the second movie.

The movie was so hilarious! I loved the comedy part! This movie had punchlines all throughout the movie and everyone in the cinema was laughing out loud. I love the movie script! The effects and the animation were great. My favorite part was when the Furious Five poses with Po and Po always ends up facing the other side of the pose. Hilarious! The sound of Po's bouncing belly kinda annoyed me but all in all it was OK.

The story line was OK! The actors were really great and I liked it that we watched it in 3D because the movie had a whole new perspective in 3D.

I teared up in some parts of the movie because it really touched me. Especially the part when Po was learning about his past. He such a cute panda and everyone in the cinema was saying "Awww..." Haha! I really love watching animated films with kids in the cinema.

I rate this movie 4 stars! I love everything about it and it sure worth the wait and your money. I also recommend that you watch this movie with your family in 3D. The effects are nice and surely, awesome!

27 May 2011

One of Those Nights, Again

Yup, laziness struck me again last night. I had abdominal cramps and I was barely walking straight. So, it was really Impossible for me to cook dinner.I was planning to cook "Bicol Express" but just by thinking about it, I was tired already.

So, Doms and I decided to eat at Cafe Cartel, Northpoint. We ordered their famous ribs and grilled chicken.

It tasted oh so heavenly! We topped up so that I can have the mushroom soup which tasted creamy. I loved the croutons!

Our total bill cost S$28 (P977) . It was a normal meal price for us. I was half expecting our bill to be more than 30 but good thing it was below it.

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26 May 2011

American Idol 10: Scotty Won!

I admit! I haven't watched American Idol since Casey Abrams got eliminated. But, I still kept reading blogs and news about it. When the Top 3 was presented, my emotions shifted from rooting for Scotty to Hailey. Then, when the Top 2 was announced, my immediate reaction was Lauren was going to win.

I don't know why my Scotty addiction stopped. Maybe because I got bored already of watching him already? I. DON'T. KNOW. REALLY.

I haven't watched the finals yet but I will sure do later! I'm excited to see Lady Gaga perform and Beyonce. Oh well, going back to Scotty.

Now that I knew ahead of time that Scotty won, everything is sinking in and I am really having a hard time figuring out whether he will succeed as a recording artist or not. I know that Country is a big thing in the States and I really hope that Scotty will be know all over. He deserves it! He worked hard to win and he did!

Congratulations to dear Scotty!

Image taken from http://blogs.timeslive.co.za/

Joy in My Heart

The word JOY has been associated to a lot of things in countless occasions. One major LSS that I have now when I read the word Joy is the commercial of Micheal V about a dish washing liquid where he sings "J-O-Y, joy in our hearts. Deep, deep down in our hearts!". Even if I can still vividly see in my head Micheal V's OA expression in this commercial, his song really does mean a lot to me now.

Recently, I've been very sad and down because of all the problems that we are facing. There are times, during the course of my sadness, that I want to give up already and just leave everything and go somewhere or go back to the Philippines. Good thing my husband Doms is always with me to guide me. Knowing that he is such a positive person and that he sees things differently and positively fills my heart with joy. What will I do without him? He explains things to me so that I can see and understand the lighter side of worst scenarios. Thinking of Doms and knowing that he is my husband and he is with me forever makes me want to sing Micheal V's song and dance with it as well.

Image taken from Tumblr
Another thing that makes me want to sing and shout for joy is the fact that at least there is progress in the things that we are waiting for. We just learned that everything is OK and normal with Doms. So at least, there's a check mark on one of things that I've been praying for. Also, the bank seems to be moving along because we now know the "amount" that we have been waiting for. These things makes me smile because I know that God is listening to our prayers. It's just a matter of waiting patiently for the rest of the things that we have been praying for.

With the mentioned progress above, I know that my prayers are going somewhere and I have to continue praying.

Thank you Lord for making me feel joyous. Trusting you made my life easier.

24 May 2011

The Moral, Hopefully

I pray a lot. I do and I really make sure that when I pray, I concentrate. I try my very best to focus but sometimes, my mind really creeps out of focus and think of other stuff that I worry about.

It's sad to know that in my 30-minute daily prayer time, which is the train ride from Admiralty to Clementi, half of it is spent on me thinking of what will be our dinner, where we will go for the weekend etc. etc. With this, the moral of the story, or the virtue that God wants me to see and understand is being covered by my other thoughts.

The answer is right in front of my face. I cannot see it because I am not focused and I am not concentrated on it. It has always been there and I neglected it.

It kinda reminded me of the time when Doms was having trouble with his Employment Pass here in Singapore 14 months ago. I was so stressed out on what will happen to him or whether he can stay here or are we going home already. I had many sleepless nights and I cried a ton of tears with this problem in our lives. But I never forgot to pray. I always pray. but because I was too busy thinking of other solutions and other things to do to solve the problem, I didn't care too much about the simplest and the most basic solution, Appeal.

Doms' company appealed for him. He submitted all the things that they need and he gave them all the papers and results that they want and he was given a pass.

I lacked Trust! I didn't trust the idea that the appeal will work and I didn't believe that it will solve our problems. I was way too busy with planning and crying. Just like now.

We are again spilled with another problem, our Aussie Visa. And again I am crying and stressing over this problem, but I am still praying. But I have this tendency to over-stress on things, even if I am praying.

Now, I again blinded will all of those thinking and crying, and I neglected the real solution, TRUST IN HIM!

Image taken from Tumblr
I don't know why I have doubts in leaving everything up to HIM. He has worked in mysterious and wondrous ways, but still, my reluctance to trust HIM is always there. I've praying and praying and crying so hard about this and I believe that her always answers me but I just don't get it.

Last Sunday, the Psalm during the mass was:

Lord, let you mercy be on us, as we place our trust in you.
 It was a clear answer! I just neglected it. Then, this morning's gospel mediation was:
So ask the Lord for the strength to remain faithful to his calling. Ask him for a deeper dedication to prayer and service. And if you fall— as Paul undoubtedly did from time to time— get back up! Don’t let bumps and bruises hinder you. Don’t get bogged down by the details. And by all means, don’t worry about success or failure. Just keep moving forward, and let God take care of his part!

“Lord, I trust that you will fully supply whatever I need!”

Psalm 145:10-13,21; John 14:27-31
It was all here! i will just leave up and offer HIM everything... I just hope I can do this. I need to trust HIM and let HIM guide us and not me, pre-empting everything. Just believe in HIM and let HIM do HIS magic.

TO whoever is reading this blog post, I hope you help me pray and also pray for me that I can totally let go and trust in HIS mercy and power. I need help in this because like I said, I have trust issues, but I am trying.

Thank you!

23 May 2011

Arab Street Shisha Experience

This is a long overdue post! I've been meaning to write this blog but I can't seem to have the time to do so.So, here it is!

Last 13 May, my previous colleagues from eNEts and I met up and had dinner and a wonderful time in Bugis and Arab Street.

We started of our night by eating dinner in Billy Bombers, Bugis Junction. I was really nice to meet with friends and eat together.

Winz, Jarland and Ronnie

Mike and Shani (Couple 1)

Shani ordered a hotdog sandwich and Mike ordered fried chicken. It looked great!

Dindin and Doms (Couple 2)

As you can see from our pictures, I ordered Bolognese Pasta and Doms ordered a big chunk of burger. I didn't like my order because it was "maasim" for me. But I like d Doms order and I bet he liked it too!

After our hearty dinner, we walked going to the night life area of Bugis called Arab Street. It was my first time going to this place. It was literally a street filled with bars and people.

We had our stop in Merdandy Bar. The boys ordered beer buckets. I tried the Corona Extra Beer with Lemon. It tasted good. It's like San Mig Light with Lemon. Nothing spectacular.

Shani also ordered "pika-pika" for us and they got one humongous Shisha Tower. A Shisha is a flavored tobacco mixture smoked in hookah. The flavor of our shisha was fruit punch and I loved it!
Ronnie and the Shisha

Doms doing his stuff with the Shisha!

I truly missed my eNets friends! I was really happy we had this get together. We headed home at around past 12 already. Doms and I took the cab going home. It was a happy experience and I wish we can do more of this more often.

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21 May 2011

Ahoy! Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Review

Since I am in no mood for anything grand and happy today, I will just pour my emotions to writing in my blog. Starting of with the movie review of the 4th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series "On Stranger Tides".

I initially wanted to watch this movie in Shaw House in Orchard were the Lido IMAX theatres are being launched. But, tickets were scarce in Shaw Orchard and my mind just blew when I learned that each movie ticket costs 22sgd per head. So, I searched for other movie houses and I got tickets from Shaw NEX in Serangoon.

I love our seats! We were seated along the aisle, third from the back. I say, those were wonderful seats!

I am not a full-pledged fan of Capt. Jack Sparrow but I really like watching him in movies. I love his moves, his groves and his way with girls. I was reluctant with the start of the  movie because the transition between the Spanish finding a "guy" from their fishing net from the court room scene wasn't very nice. They could have added more scenes of how Jack became the judge.

As always the clumsiness and the wit of Jack made the movie fun and entertaining but there was something lacking. I don't quite get what it was but it seems the movie was picked up from the middle of the last movie.

Anyway, introducing new characters like Angelica (Penelope Cruz) and Blackbeard (Ian McShane) contributed to the plot of the story. Angelica was fun but they should have gotten Eva Mendes or Michele Rodriguez for the role instead of girly-girl Penelope. She's just too clean to be a pirate!

 I specifically like the story of the mermaid and the minister. Serena, the mermaid looked awesome! She has everything it takes to play like a mermaid. And the minister was way too hot to become a minister! But I liked that they added another romance story that touched the heart. I wonder what happened to the minister after he taken underwater? Did he become like a mermaid too?

 All in all, I liked the movie. But the absence of Will Turner and the rest of the original crew was missed. It could have been more exciting if they appeared even at the end credits of the movie or whatever. The setting, the sounds and the effects were great! What else can you expect from Disney right?

I rate this movie with 3 stars! It's worth your money if you're really a fan but you can just wait for it and download it in torrent.

20 May 2011

Smurf Village Addiction

I'm really a fan of the social games from the iTunes Store. My latest addiction is Smurf Village.

The whole concept of this game is to help the Smurfs rebuild their village after the villain Gargamel scatters them across the forest. Who wouldn't stop and admire the cuteness of the Smurfs?

Aside from having cute characters and a nice setting, not to mention the chirping birds background, Smurf Village offers users the a combination of all the other social games available.

It has mini games for the users and you can grow crops for money and to increase your level.

I'm just starting up with this game so my village looks empty.

I'd love to continue this game and hopefully I can have the patience to do so. Progress in this game is kinda slow, which is one of its flaws. But other than that, Smurf Village offers a wide range of entertainment and fun.

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My Prayer for Today

Dearest Lord,

I implore you today! I thank you for all the blessings that you have showered me and Doms. I am sorry for the the times that I have neglected you and your call.

I am now again praying and asking you to intervene in our problems. You know everything about our problems! Please grant us what we intend to get. You have only to will it and everything will be OK. Please, give us this chance. I really hope that Doms and I can continue with our plans. I know we have been asking a lot from you but I know you are listening.

Dear Lord,

I offer you all my heartache and pain. I know I get this because I doubted your power. Please Lord, I hope you grant me and Doms what we pray for.

I lift up to you our future plans and actions. Please guide it and please make it all push through.

I also pray for my family and friends. May you continue loving and protecting them. Give special regard to Escie and Rudy for the loss of their son Rylee. May you give them hope and strength.

I also pray for our dearly beloved relatives Nanay Kikay and Jmitzi. I know they are both happy there with you. May they help me and Doms in our trials and tribulations.

I know that everything will be in accordance to your will. May we accept and embrace whatever it is.

This I ask in your most holy name, Amen.

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19 May 2011

Product Discovery: Herbacin Skin Care Cream

My skin has been so dry lately. To solve this, I bought an All Day Moisture Lock Lotion and this:

Herbacin Skin Care Cream comes with Camomile, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to replenish dry skin. This product is forthe hand, elbows, knees and feet. It is a gel like cream yhat absorbs easily by the skin.

I've been using this since Tuesday and I must say my skin is starting to get softer already.

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Camera Art FX iPhone App

Aside from downloading games in my iPhone, I also download camera or photo apps. One app that I truly like (kina-aaliwan) is the Camera Art FX.

Camera Art FX is a free app that I downloaded in the iTunes Store. This app provides users with different camera presets for more effect or drama.

I took a picture of Doms while playing using the Vintage FX:

Very dramatic! The next picture used the Pencil Sketch FX. It does look like it was drawn using a pencil!

While waiting for the CrimsonLogic bus, I took a picture of my colleagues in the bus stop using the Cartoon FX.

The picture below was taken using the Ink Sketch FX.

The Poster FX reminded me of the famous campaign poster of Obama when he was running for president.

I don't like this Watercolor FX that much because it only has the green color.

BW Comic FX is just like the Pencil Effect but with think outer sketching.

The Colored Comic FX really looks like the bus came from a comic book.

All in all, I like this iPhone App because this app will allow me to play around with the pictures that I've taken. It will give a unique style to the picture that will stand out. I hope I can have more time to take some "relevant
 pictures using this iPhone App.

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18 May 2011

Jessie J All The Way

Ever since we went to the BBQ party two weeks ago, I've been addicted to finding out who Jessie J is. Well here's what happened.

I heard Ate Mona's daughter, Yumi, singing her own version of "Price Tag" with her guitar. Then I asked her who sang that song. She told me Jessie J and ever since then, I was obsessed to hearing her other songs. So I searched for her in YouTube and downloaded her album, Like a Dude in Torrent.

2 songs caught my attention: Nobody's Perfect and Who You Are. I'm sharing some of her videos here that I got from YouTube.

* I don't own any of these videos and I'm just posting it here for entertainment purpose.

But I never meant to hurt you, i know it's time that i learn to
Treat the people I love like I wanna be loved
This is a lesson learnt and I hate that I let you down and I feel so bad about it
I guess karma comes back around cause now I'm the one that's hurting yeah
And I hate that I made you think that the trust we had is broken
So don't tell me you can't forgive me
Cause nobody's perfect, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,nobody's perfect...

Don't lose who you are, in the blur of the stars
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,
It's okay not to be okay...
Sometimes it's hard, to follow your heart.
Tears don't mean you're losing, everybody's bruising,
Just be true to who you are
(Who you are)x11 

17 May 2011

The Freshness Burger Joint

Last Sunday, Doms and I tried the newly opened buger joint in Causeway Point called Freshness Burger.

The place was nice. It was packed with people but they were able to accommodate everyone. The burger and the food prices ranges from 1.90 to 7 sgd. I really think that the prices were reasonable.

Doms ordered their classic cheeseburger while I ordered the Spam Burger. It tasted very nice!

Here's a montage of all the food that we ate. Everything here costs S$17 only! Very cheap for good tasting and healthy burgers.

Freshness Burger Cafe has 2 stores: Causeway Point, Woodlands and NEX, Serangoon.

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Funshion Free Streaming

I love watching movies! I can't seem to get enough of movies or even TV shows and TV series that I watch. Half of my time watching movies or series are made or done online. That is why I was so happy when Efren, my colleague, told me about Funshion.

Funshion is a FREE online application that hosts movies, TV shows and programs. It hosts English, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese movies. I believe there are other languages in the application also.

I'm sharing here the process of hos you can get Funshion and it as much as I do.

1. Go to Google and type in Funshion in the search field.

 2. The first result that will come out will be the Funshion.com China page. There is also an Funshion English page but comparing the variety of movies between the 2, the China page has more movies and selection to choose from.
3. Click the funshion China page.
4. You need to download the application. Since the page is Chinese, just click the download image as seen above to continue. Once downloaded, a Funshion icon will be saved in your desktop.
5. Double click on the Funshion icon to launch the application. The icon is the shortcut to Funshion and you need to use this icon always.
6. When Funshion loads, use the search function on top of the page to search movies and shows. There is an indication beside the movie title that says whether the movie copy is HD or not. I always choose the one with HD so the video is good quality. There is also a rating at the side from other users who watched it.
8. Click the Play button to watch the movie. You can have either a full choose from full screen or mini screen.

I must say I really like the performance of Funshion. It has a wide range of movies and shows that gives me a lot of choices. Funshion also has a buffer time that gives allowance to the show that I am watching. It doesn't hang or stop in the middle of the movie to buffer.


15 May 2011

McDonald's Breakfast

Never did McDonald's fail me when it comes to breakfast. Their meals are just right and tasty.

Recently, I've been addicted to the cinnamon breakfast of McCafe.

I ordered the meal above this morning.

I love the cinnamon and mocha chino combination! This meal cost S$4.50 but it still has some coffee art! Effort!

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