04 April 2011


I really hate a lot of things. Just now, I learned something that really made me so mad. I hate what's happening and I hate my reaction to it.

It's really hard for me to deal with things and situations that I hate. I just want to run away and forget about it. But the problem with forgetting about the things that I hate is that when I get to hear them again in the future, it brings back the hatred and the bad feelings that I shoved aside.

SHIT! I just burned my tongue again! I hate it when this happens.

I also hate it when I am not a priority. Well, who would like that?

I hate it when people are not vocal about the right thing. It's the RIGHT thing, fight for it! In this life, accepting and accepting that you need to do this or you need to do that will be your downfall. you should know when to say stop!

Problem is, maybe you think I am not worth the fight and this makes me hate you more.

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