13 April 2011

More Places to Visit During Our Holy Week Vacation

I'm so excited about our upcoming Holy Week vacation in Manila. I've been writing down my list of places to go and restos to eat in and I found out 2 more places to go to.

Since Doms and I will be staying in A. Venue hotel for 2 nights, I really believe that we can finally go to the Makati and Ortigas Malls that we haven't been to since we transferred here in SG. Like for instance, Pioneer Center. I have no freaking idea where this place is. I found out it's near Boni and I wanted to try ChaTime. Their bubble tea drinks seems nice and the place looks good too.

Classic Confections Greenbelt 5
Another mall that I haven;t been to is Greenbelt 5. I don't know why but I think this mall was built already before I left for SG but I still, I haven't visited that mall yet. I wish we can go there and try Classic Confections.

I've seen Monsee's along White Plains already and I will definitely move heaven and earth just to stop by that store and buy their goodies.

I'm so excited already! I really hope we can fit all these places in our very short vacation. Oh no! My diet is down the drain na talaga.

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