14 April 2011

Downloaded Movie Review: The Way Back

OK I didn't watch the whole movie mainly because I didn't like the the theme and "feel" of the movie when Doms played it. But I still tried to watch it. When I recognized some of the actors, I became more interested.

The movie is about a group of prisoners and their journey as they escape the Siberian gulag during the WWII. From this statement alone, I would definitely stop watching this movie and just sleep. But when I saw Collin Farell, Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe) and Saoirse Ronan (City of Ember), I became interested.

The movie focused more on the trials that each of the prisoners overcame just to reach their goal of freedom. Some of them were discouraged and just went back and some of them pursued their goal.

They've experienced a lot during their travel. Death, hallucinations, hunger, thirst, exhaustion and depression. They walked from Russia to Mongolia then to China then to their destination, India.

I liked the actors of the movie. They were all convincing. The story was not hard to understand but the actors made it above from the rest.

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