29 July 2011

Nutritional Benefits of F & N aLive Yoghurt

I've been addicted to this Yoghurt brand and flavor here in Singapore. Ever since my OB here in SG told me to eat Yoghurt daily, I was in a constant search of finding the right yoghurt. Luckily, I found F & N aLive Mango flavor.

Nutritional benefits of F & N aLive includes Immun+ Bifidobacterium BB-12 and Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5 which aids my digestion and regulation of bacteria in my stomach.

I also love the chunky mango bits and nata de coco included in each pack. I was on a high when I saw particular flavor on sale in Fairprice so I hoarded a good amount of these yoghurts.

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28 July 2011

Healthy Mind at Work

I got this email from our company HR and it kinda sank into me. I admire Singapore for being so helpful to their people and the people living here. For instance, the Health Promotion Board opened their helplines for employees who are having trouble or problems in their workplace. Mind you, this a free counseling session to anyone who feels they need someone to talk pertaining to their daily work-life challenge. This just shows that they value worker and people who strive hard to earn a living.

We lack these types of incentives in the Philippines. Our government should also think of employee welfare and psychological health in time like this. Kudos to Singapore for having such idea to help employees in need!

27 July 2011

Photo Walk: Sydney Australia

This post shows pictures that I've taken during our Sydney Trip. I know I am still a beginner and I need more practice. But I am happy that I got to experience Sydney with Doms. Next stop, Orlando Florida (wish!)

Creamies Morning

When we were in Sydney, I was searching for unique food items to buy. Food items that I know unavailable here in SG. And I found these:

White Wings homestyle cookies. These cookies are called creamies mainly because they whipped cream filings.

The creamies were great! It's like I'm eating ice cream with my usual chocolate cookies.

As always, I forgot how much were these cookies. I sure hope we bought a lot of these!

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26 July 2011

The Great Blue Mountains of Sydney

Continuing on with my blog posts about our Sydney trip was our experience in the cold Blue Mountains region of Sydney. Like what I said in my Featherdale Wildlife Park Adventure, my Blue Mountains experience was not that good because I didn't like the cable way ride and the scenic railway.

Anyway, after almost a 3 hour-ride from Sydney City, we arrived the "entrance" of Blue Mountains where the beautiful Three Sisters rock formation can be viewed. I was literally awestruck when I saw how neat and beautiful Three Sisters is.

Three Sisters rock formation was as if God went down and made by hand this rock formation. God is truly amazing! We were at a place called Echo Point where we can see the rock formation and the beautiful mountains.

After Echo Point, we then headed to a more adventurous part of Blue Mountains, Scenic World.

going to the different views of Scenic can be done either by Scenic Skyway, Scenic Cableway and Scenic Railway. We didn't do the first one, thank God! We just did the Cableway and Railway and n both rides, I was either shouting or I had my eyes closed.

good thing I was able to give smile to Doms at the Scenic Cableway above. I literally screaming on the way done, haha!

 But for the Scenic Railway, I was really scared when it was coming. A lot of things was coming inot my mind while doing the Railway! I was really freaked out!

In between the cable and railway, we had the chance to do the scenic bush walk going to the coal mines of Blue Mountains. It was a nice experience but it was also tiring! Steep staircases were always present and I hate stairs!

All in all, I liked out Blue Mountains adventure. It was scary for me because I didn't like anything that involves heights and steep railways but Doms seemed to like every minute of it. 

Fashion in Work

There has been a study stating that a person spends more than half of his/her life in the office or work area. This is true for young professionals like me who works from Monday to Friday, 8.15 hours a day. I like my work because I know that when my salary comes, I can buy the things, clothes or shoes that I intend to buy. If I spend around 30 to 50 SGD per month for usual shirts, pants, dresses or shorts from Uniqlo or F21, I should also spare a certain amount for my work clothes. OK, I am not justifying the idea that I need to buy clothes every month but come to think of it, investing on work clothes is not a bad idea after all.

Scanning through my closet, you will see a range of tops, blouses or dresses with different "bright" or blunt colors. I call the left side of my closet the "informals", where the bright colors are, while the middle part of my closet is called the "formals" where the boring beige and undesirable black can be seen. Just by looking at the height of stacked clothes between informals and formals, you will know that I spend most of my money buying informals than formals. With this comparison, I made a mental note of buying formals this weekend.

But what type of formals or work clothes do I like?

I know myself and I also know that in buying clothes, I go for comfortable, not too flashy and unique. So, here are some of the work clothes that I'd like to mirror and hopefully, I can buy these in the coming weeks and wear them to work.

Slacks and Pants
Ever since I started working, my idea of corporate look involves a crisp black slacks and a collared blouse with peep-toe shoes or flat Mary Janes. With this in mind, I'd like to shy away from this statement and buy lighter colored slacks.


I like all the styles seen above! I like how the pants goes down perfectly accompanied by a great blouse that is not necessarily collared. My body isn't this thin but I'm that I can find clothes like this for my size.

Dresses, Dresses and Dresses
Majority of my mood in dressing up for work involves considering if I like to wear pants, skirt or dress. When I'm lazy, I choose to wear a dress or a skirt. So, I plan to buy skirts or dresses for my work clothes.

Image Not Mine

I like simple dresses that are comfortable and not much of a hassle. Chiffon or free flowing dresses are nice and I hope I can find good quality and cheap dresses like these.

Tops and Blouses
Even if the pants or slacks that I will buy are simple, the blouses or tops that I will pair them will be the highlight of my dream work clothes closet.

Tops or blouses that are light and comfy are my main priority. I also like to buy colored and vibrant hues to make my closet lively.

So there. A compilation of the work clothes style that I wish to fulfill. I hope that I can have the budget and the time and patience to find these styles. I know not all of the styles here will look good to me but at least I now have a basis of what I want and what style I want to pursue.

Good luck to me!

25 July 2011

Featherdale Wildlife Park Zoo Morning

I can't think of a nice title for this blog post because I am not very excited talking about these activities. The main reason being my dislike in going to zoos and my fear of heights!

Our third day in Sydney marked a change from walking around the Sydney streets. We purchased a package tour going to one of the famous spots in Sydney called Blue Mountains. I was excited of course but terrified at the same time because I knew that I will be placed in a compromising position because our tour package includes "rides" that I was afraid to do.

Our tour also includes a ticket going to the Featherdale Wildlife Park. I like this place! Animals roam freely and you can pat or touch them. Except of course if there are snakes and lizards which I scream just by looking at their pictures.

Anyway, as always, Doms liked touching animals and taking pictures. As you can see, he looks like he loves all of them already!

 Me, on the other hand wants to as far away as possible to them.

My favorite part of this zoo experience was the picture taking with the cute Koalas. At least this one, looks like a stuffed animal only so no problems to me if I touch them!

22 July 2011

Pancake on the Rocks, Sydney

One of our main goals during our Sydney trip was to try different food and dishes in different restaurants. Well, we did eat a lot but we didn't take pictures of all the food that we ate. Anyway, one of the restos that stood out during our trip was Pancake On the Rocks.

I've been searching about this resto way before our trip. It was well recommended by a lot Sydney bloggers so I made sure that we will eat in this resto.

Our first try of this wonderful place was in Harbourside Shopping Centre. It was our first full day in Sydney and before watching Harry Potter in Lido IMAX, we made a stop at Pancake On the Rocks.

The place was jam-packed with people and we had to wait around 10 minutes to be seated. While waiting, my mouth watered on all the food items passed us. My stomach wasn't cooperating either. It wasn't hard to order. Almost all the tables in the resto had Steak and Ribs on it so we decided to order both dishes.

Rib Eye Steak

Pork Ribs

Our order came out this glorious! I didn't care about the long wait for the food. I wanted to stuff everything in my mouth so I can taste every inch of the ribs (OA!). The steak was well done just the way we liked it. The sidings of veggies and cajun fries made it more yummier. The Pork Ribs on the other hand was the best that I've tasted so far. The BBQ sauce was so good and the ribs were so tender.

Then, we ordered Banana-Rama which was so nice to the eyes and to the tongue.

Banana Rama Pancake

The pancake medley had ice cream and cream at the same time with caramelized banana and syrup. We instantly digged in the pancake and it was gone in minutes!

Our next trip to Pancake On The Rocks was on a Friday. It was drizzling and we had a hard time looking for the place in the Rocks. The 2nd resto was cramped a bit and it wasn't as comfortable as the one in Darling Harbour, but people still lined up to get in! Good thing we came in early.

We ate pancakes purely on our second visit. I loved it! I really think that the reason why this resto was and still is a big hit is because the taste in their food is really consistent wherever the location of the resto is. The staff was also nice and accommodating.

Food price wise I really wouldn't know because I forgot the prices already. I think it's on the site. Well, I love this resto and I will definitely eat here again when we get back in Sydney!


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