20 April 2011

My DIY Pizza

This morning, I had this crazy craving for pizza. No pizza brand in particular. I just wanted to eat pizza with cheese. So, an idea came in my mind. I remembered my housemate Joy telling me about the thin crust pizza that she made using pitas. So, I passed b the grocery on my work to work to buy the ingredients to my DIY pizza.

I bought the wholemeal Pita Pocket because I thought I can just stuff everything inside and eat it. But, it doesn't have a whole so I just made it really into a pizza. I love how the pita smelled and looked like. It's like one whole flat play dough.

I also brought in straight from our fridge the Tomato Basil sauce that I bought from QB. too bad I wasn't able to buy pepperoni slices. My pizza looked incomplete tuloy.

But I love how it tasted! Next time, I will complete my ingredients naman.


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