26 March 2011

Happy V: Singapore's Version of Jollibee

I was really craving for Jollibee's chicken joy since last week. I miss how the crunchy chicken lingers in my mouth. I also miss the peculiar taste of the chicken joy iniquely for Jollibee only. So, when we were in Lucky Plaza a while ago, the place where we send money to our Manila savings account, we ate in Happy V!

Happy V is a restaurant here in Singapore that serves chicken, spaghetti, palabok and even burger steak just like Jollibee's. I believe it's a Filipino owned abd managed fast food here in Singapore.

Doms ordered chicken and palabok while I ordered checken and spaghetti. I love our merienda meal! It's the closest thing that we have here in Singapore that resembles and tastes like chicken joy.

I know 2 Happy V stores here in SG:
2nd floor Lucky Plaza
Lau Pa Sat

Our meal costs 16sgd. This includes 2 iced lemon tea in can.

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  1. WA! masarap! do you know any other good place to eat at lucky plaza?



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