20 May 2011

Smurf Village Addiction

I'm really a fan of the social games from the iTunes Store. My latest addiction is Smurf Village.

The whole concept of this game is to help the Smurfs rebuild their village after the villain Gargamel scatters them across the forest. Who wouldn't stop and admire the cuteness of the Smurfs?

Aside from having cute characters and a nice setting, not to mention the chirping birds background, Smurf Village offers users the a combination of all the other social games available.

It has mini games for the users and you can grow crops for money and to increase your level.

I'm just starting up with this game so my village looks empty.

I'd love to continue this game and hopefully I can have the patience to do so. Progress in this game is kinda slow, which is one of its flaws. But other than that, Smurf Village offers a wide range of entertainment and fun.

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