28 April 2011

The A. Venue Experience

A. Venue Hotel and Suites was not how I expected it to be. Since the cost per night of the hotel is very cheap, I was half expecting it to be like a "motel" or "apartelle" type.

The hotel was situated in the middle of Makati Avenue. Stores, Restos and Malls were all a stone's throw away. It was walking distance to Doms' place and to the church activities that we wanted to do in our short vacation.

A. Venue's hotel lobby was presentable enough. The desk personnel were all accommodating and they explained to us all the things that we should know. Check in was a breeze so we were able to go up our rooms in less than 30 minutes.

Our room looked amazing! It was small but it can fit up to 10 people, all sitting down. The aircon was cold and not once did I hear brother complain that it was warm. The sheets were clean and the chairs were comfortable enough. Even the bed was nice a comfortable.

My only concerns were the curtains and the lighting.

Curtains were not made very well. I understand that they wanted to cover the window from the ceiling to the floor but I really hope that they got a good curtain maker. There were gaps in the curtain where the light was streaking. They should have gotten blinds instead. For the lighting, the room was kinda dim because they used spotlights instead of normal fluorescent lights.

All in all, I loved our stay in A. Venue. Doms told that in our next vacation, we will be staying there again.

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