21 April 2011

Doms' Fascination with Musical Instruments

OK, I know I married a music buff. Ever since Doms and I first met, I already know that he loves music and that he loves playing musical instruments. He used to play in a band when he was in college as a bassist.

Well anyway, Doms bought a guitar from Manila and bought it all the way here in Singapore last January. He kept on saying he missed playing the guitar and that he will sing for me so I agreed to it.

He loves playing his guitar! I like hearing him play because he sings along every time he plays the guitar.

Now, his fascination is towards playing the violin! He said he wanted to start playing the violin. I immediately said NO! Because how can he learn to play it? But Doms insisted that he can learn.

Oh no, how can I get out of this?

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