04 April 2011

American Idol 10: From 11 to 9

I know I haven't posted any updates about AI10 recently. I've been busy uploading and sharing my food discoveries and my recipes that I totally forgot about AI10.

OK so Elton John theme went by. Just like the other blogs that I read, the performers were great. It was as if the only nudge they needed was the early use of the Judges Save. As i watched all the performers, I felt that the competition was really starting.

The results were predictable. Among the top 11 contestants, Thia and Naima were the ones who I really believed were coming home. Both of them were mediocre. Better luck next time girls! But you were great and you were part of one of the coolest American Idol season that I watched.

So from11, they are now 9.

I read in some other blogs that the theme for the coming week will be "Rock n' Roll". Of course, James Durbin is expected to give it all out this time. this is his theme so he better give a "bombastic" performance. If he plays it safe, Jacob might be the one who will leave for this theme.

Can't wait for the coming episode! I hope they will give us a great show!

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