17 May 2011

Funshion Free Streaming

I love watching movies! I can't seem to get enough of movies or even TV shows and TV series that I watch. Half of my time watching movies or series are made or done online. That is why I was so happy when Efren, my colleague, told me about Funshion.

Funshion is a FREE online application that hosts movies, TV shows and programs. It hosts English, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese movies. I believe there are other languages in the application also.

I'm sharing here the process of hos you can get Funshion and it as much as I do.

1. Go to Google and type in Funshion in the search field.

 2. The first result that will come out will be the Funshion.com China page. There is also an Funshion English page but comparing the variety of movies between the 2, the China page has more movies and selection to choose from.
3. Click the funshion China page.
4. You need to download the application. Since the page is Chinese, just click the download image as seen above to continue. Once downloaded, a Funshion icon will be saved in your desktop.
5. Double click on the Funshion icon to launch the application. The icon is the shortcut to Funshion and you need to use this icon always.
6. When Funshion loads, use the search function on top of the page to search movies and shows. There is an indication beside the movie title that says whether the movie copy is HD or not. I always choose the one with HD so the video is good quality. There is also a rating at the side from other users who watched it.
8. Click the Play button to watch the movie. You can have either a full choose from full screen or mini screen.

I must say I really like the performance of Funshion. It has a wide range of movies and shows that gives me a lot of choices. Funshion also has a buffer time that gives allowance to the show that I am watching. It doesn't hang or stop in the middle of the movie to buffer.


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