23 June 2011

Chanced Upon this Song and I Love It

Yahoo Music for iPhone has been my companion here at work. When I'm bored or sleepy, I just plug in my headset and I listen to music! I am lucky to hear one of my favorite songs, rolling in the Deep by Adele.

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So Paranoid!

Oh my! I know I should be excited and happy about our trip to Sydney but why I am so paranoid about it? It all started yesterday. On my way to work, the man standing in front of me in the train was reading the news and I saw the headline saying that some flights from Singapore Changi to Melbourne were canceled due to the volcanic clouds from Chile blocking the Australian air space.

I wanted to know more about what happened so I got my phone and searched for it. My search string was Qantas Airlines. To my surprise, a lot of news about flights of Qantas airways came out.

I started to panic but I forgot about it because I was working.

Today, I remembered it again. But instead of panicking, I started searching for prayers that will help me calm my nerves and to help me relax.

Lord calm my fear of flying. Let us have a safe flight on 12 and 16 July 2011 with no mechanical problems or turbulence or wherl/tire problems. Let us have a safe landing in Sydney and a safe take off from Singapore. Please let me feel the peace during the flight. In your name I pray.
Praise the Lord, O my soul. Lord my God, You are very great; You are clothed with splendor and majesty. You wrap Yourself in light as with a garment; You stretch out the heavens like a tent and lay the beams of Your upper chambers on their waters. You make the clouds Your chariot. In the name of Jesus I resist fear of flying because You ride on the wings of the wind. Praise the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, you are very great! You are an awesome God! 
I really wish and pray that everything will be OK during our vacation and trip.  I am excited already! I was even able to buy my jacket for our trip already. I really wish and pray that I stop being paranoid about this.

Please Lord, please!

21 June 2011

My First Groupon Singapore Purchase

OK, I know I has a blog talking about purchasing sites here in Singapore. I was so excited about those sites that I was not able to purchase anything yet, until now.

My first purchase was a threading session with Browhaus.

I've been waiting for this type of deal for ages! Good thing I saw it today. My voucher hasn't arrived yet but I am so excited already! At least I will have tame and nicely arced brows for my birthday. Hooray!

19 June 2011

Once Upon a Milkshake

I wonder what will hapen next to this story. I bet it will be delicious!

Spooky Mocha with Milo Nuggets cost 3.65 sgd.

16 June 2011

iPhone Case Want

I really wish that I can buy one of these cute and elegant Cathy Kisdton iPhone cases. I love the designs and I love the colors of all their iPhone cases. I was searching the internet for online sellers but all of the can only ship 2 weeks from now. I want it right away! Haha!

Tamang-tama my birthday is fast approaching na. Sana someone will give me this gift! Parinig!

12 June 2011

Olive Vine

Last Sunday, Doms and I ate in Olive Vine, Marina Link. It was the first time that we ate in this cafe.
I loved the ambiance of the place!

Nestled between Marina Square and Esplanade Xchange, Olive Vine serves breads, soups, pasta, chicken and sandwiches.

This cafe reminds me of French Baker in Manila because they have soups served in a soup bowl. I love Doms order! He ordered seafood carbonnara. It was so creamy! The shrimps were fresh and the mussels were big.

I ordered Chicken Cutlet with Tomato Spaghetti. It was to salty for me. Maybe because of the tomatoes? I don;t k now but I didn't like it that much.

Total cost of our meal was 23 SGD because we topped up 2 SGD each for our drinks.

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06 June 2011

Moringa All the Way

Doms is really fascinated with the scent of Moringa. He bought 2 bottles of Moringa Foaming Wash from Body Shop. He said he will use it because he loves the smell.

I believe his fascination started when we were in Body Shop and I was buying creams for my face. I love Body Shop products because it all looks and smells fresh. Anyway, he was looking around for his Ginger Shampoo when he passed by the "soap" section. I remember him smelling all the soaps in the basket and holding on to one yellow soap and comparing the smell of that yellow soap with the rest. So, I didn't mind him. When I was on queue to pay for my creams, he approached me and handed me the ginger shampoo and the yellow soap that he was smelling. He said he wanted that soap. I smelled it and it smelled like the refreshing smell of "sampaguita" or jasmine. He insisted I buy it even if I told him that we still have Safeguard at home. So, I did buy it.
I love Doms' smell after he showers! Moringa really works for him! So, from then on I made sure that I buy him that soap. He loves that product too that's why you wouldn't imagine how happy he was when he saw the Moringa Foaming Wash on sale yesterday. I also bought the Moringa Milk Moisturung Lotion so that I will really smell like a Moringa, haha!
So, it seems that it will be Moringa ll the way for us!

05 June 2011

Men Ichi Lunch

Doms and I tried for the first time Men Ichi Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Yishun for lunch.We have been passing this restaurant every time we go to Northpoint Mall but we never really wanted to try it. What made us try this restaurant was the gyoza displayed in front of the food joint.


Doms ordered Chicken Teriyaki and I ordered Chicken Katsu Don.

I loved my order! It tasted like Teriyaki Boy's Katsu Don.

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03 June 2011

Many Things to be Thankful For

It's the 1st of June and it's the half of the year already. I cannot believe that half of the year has gone by already. Time really flies! Just like my blog post title, I am really thankful for a lot of things. Yes, it's only been 6 months since 2011 started and a lot of events already transpired.

As of the moment, there are 2 things that I am happy about today. First, is the approval of our Tourist Visa in Australia. Yehey! Finally, Doms and I can officially plan for our Sydney Trip! Applying for our visa gave me sleepless nights because we had some "problems" about it. I kept on praying and praying to God asking him to give us a chance to experience Sydney and he did listen to our prayers. I knew it! Prayers are really powerful. We will be staying in Novotel Rockford in Darling Harbour. I love our hotel! It looks so nice and clean. The location was also great because it's near the Chinatown Monorail Station that goes directly to City Centre.
Photo: http://www.gostay.com.au/
 I am literally so excited already! I've listed all the places that we need to visit and things that we need to do already. We can finally have our picture taken in the Sydney Opera House! Doms' is very thrilled already! I really hope that we can save up enough money for our trip so we can really enjoy our vacation.

Photo: http://www.gritandglamour.com/

The next things that I am really thankful for is the birth of my new cousin, Baby J. She's called Baby J because she still doesn't have a name. My Tito Freddie started the "Name That Baby Name" Game were all the members of my family suggested names starting with the letter J.

My Tito recently announced to us that the baby will be named Janelle Erica or Jerica. She is very cute! I'm excited to see her already.

I know that I should also be thankful for the little things that we experience. It's just that 2 of instances above really made me happy. 


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