30 May 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 Awesomeness in 3D

The past week was so tiring! My friend from North Fairview, Eden, had a short vacation here in Singapore this weekend so most of the time we were with her. I didn't really thought that we can actually watch a movie. So, Sunday morning when I learned that we cannot attend the early mass with Eden, we immediately planned to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. I loved the first movie so naturally, we will really watch the second movie.

The movie was so hilarious! I loved the comedy part! This movie had punchlines all throughout the movie and everyone in the cinema was laughing out loud. I love the movie script! The effects and the animation were great. My favorite part was when the Furious Five poses with Po and Po always ends up facing the other side of the pose. Hilarious! The sound of Po's bouncing belly kinda annoyed me but all in all it was OK.

The story line was OK! The actors were really great and I liked it that we watched it in 3D because the movie had a whole new perspective in 3D.

I teared up in some parts of the movie because it really touched me. Especially the part when Po was learning about his past. He such a cute panda and everyone in the cinema was saying "Awww..." Haha! I really love watching animated films with kids in the cinema.

I rate this movie 4 stars! I love everything about it and it sure worth the wait and your money. I also recommend that you watch this movie with your family in 3D. The effects are nice and surely, awesome!

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