19 May 2011

Camera Art FX iPhone App

Aside from downloading games in my iPhone, I also download camera or photo apps. One app that I truly like (kina-aaliwan) is the Camera Art FX.

Camera Art FX is a free app that I downloaded in the iTunes Store. This app provides users with different camera presets for more effect or drama.

I took a picture of Doms while playing using the Vintage FX:

Very dramatic! The next picture used the Pencil Sketch FX. It does look like it was drawn using a pencil!

While waiting for the CrimsonLogic bus, I took a picture of my colleagues in the bus stop using the Cartoon FX.

The picture below was taken using the Ink Sketch FX.

The Poster FX reminded me of the famous campaign poster of Obama when he was running for president.

I don't like this Watercolor FX that much because it only has the green color.

BW Comic FX is just like the Pencil Effect but with think outer sketching.

The Colored Comic FX really looks like the bus came from a comic book.

All in all, I like this iPhone App because this app will allow me to play around with the pictures that I've taken. It will give a unique style to the picture that will stand out. I hope I can have more time to take some "relevant
 pictures using this iPhone App.

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