20 May 2011

My Prayer for Today

Dearest Lord,

I implore you today! I thank you for all the blessings that you have showered me and Doms. I am sorry for the the times that I have neglected you and your call.

I am now again praying and asking you to intervene in our problems. You know everything about our problems! Please grant us what we intend to get. You have only to will it and everything will be OK. Please, give us this chance. I really hope that Doms and I can continue with our plans. I know we have been asking a lot from you but I know you are listening.

Dear Lord,

I offer you all my heartache and pain. I know I get this because I doubted your power. Please Lord, I hope you grant me and Doms what we pray for.

I lift up to you our future plans and actions. Please guide it and please make it all push through.

I also pray for my family and friends. May you continue loving and protecting them. Give special regard to Escie and Rudy for the loss of their son Rylee. May you give them hope and strength.

I also pray for our dearly beloved relatives Nanay Kikay and Jmitzi. I know they are both happy there with you. May they help me and Doms in our trials and tribulations.

I know that everything will be in accordance to your will. May we accept and embrace whatever it is.

This I ask in your most holy name, Amen.

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