26 May 2011

Joy in My Heart

The word JOY has been associated to a lot of things in countless occasions. One major LSS that I have now when I read the word Joy is the commercial of Micheal V about a dish washing liquid where he sings "J-O-Y, joy in our hearts. Deep, deep down in our hearts!". Even if I can still vividly see in my head Micheal V's OA expression in this commercial, his song really does mean a lot to me now.

Recently, I've been very sad and down because of all the problems that we are facing. There are times, during the course of my sadness, that I want to give up already and just leave everything and go somewhere or go back to the Philippines. Good thing my husband Doms is always with me to guide me. Knowing that he is such a positive person and that he sees things differently and positively fills my heart with joy. What will I do without him? He explains things to me so that I can see and understand the lighter side of worst scenarios. Thinking of Doms and knowing that he is my husband and he is with me forever makes me want to sing Micheal V's song and dance with it as well.

Image taken from Tumblr
Another thing that makes me want to sing and shout for joy is the fact that at least there is progress in the things that we are waiting for. We just learned that everything is OK and normal with Doms. So at least, there's a check mark on one of things that I've been praying for. Also, the bank seems to be moving along because we now know the "amount" that we have been waiting for. These things makes me smile because I know that God is listening to our prayers. It's just a matter of waiting patiently for the rest of the things that we have been praying for.

With the mentioned progress above, I know that my prayers are going somewhere and I have to continue praying.

Thank you Lord for making me feel joyous. Trusting you made my life easier.

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