21 May 2011

Ahoy! Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Review

Since I am in no mood for anything grand and happy today, I will just pour my emotions to writing in my blog. Starting of with the movie review of the 4th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series "On Stranger Tides".

I initially wanted to watch this movie in Shaw House in Orchard were the Lido IMAX theatres are being launched. But, tickets were scarce in Shaw Orchard and my mind just blew when I learned that each movie ticket costs 22sgd per head. So, I searched for other movie houses and I got tickets from Shaw NEX in Serangoon.

I love our seats! We were seated along the aisle, third from the back. I say, those were wonderful seats!

I am not a full-pledged fan of Capt. Jack Sparrow but I really like watching him in movies. I love his moves, his groves and his way with girls. I was reluctant with the start of the  movie because the transition between the Spanish finding a "guy" from their fishing net from the court room scene wasn't very nice. They could have added more scenes of how Jack became the judge.

As always the clumsiness and the wit of Jack made the movie fun and entertaining but there was something lacking. I don't quite get what it was but it seems the movie was picked up from the middle of the last movie.

Anyway, introducing new characters like Angelica (Penelope Cruz) and Blackbeard (Ian McShane) contributed to the plot of the story. Angelica was fun but they should have gotten Eva Mendes or Michele Rodriguez for the role instead of girly-girl Penelope. She's just too clean to be a pirate!

 I specifically like the story of the mermaid and the minister. Serena, the mermaid looked awesome! She has everything it takes to play like a mermaid. And the minister was way too hot to become a minister! But I liked that they added another romance story that touched the heart. I wonder what happened to the minister after he taken underwater? Did he become like a mermaid too?

 All in all, I liked the movie. But the absence of Will Turner and the rest of the original crew was missed. It could have been more exciting if they appeared even at the end credits of the movie or whatever. The setting, the sounds and the effects were great! What else can you expect from Disney right?

I rate this movie with 3 stars! It's worth your money if you're really a fan but you can just wait for it and download it in torrent.

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