06 June 2011

Moringa All the Way

Doms is really fascinated with the scent of Moringa. He bought 2 bottles of Moringa Foaming Wash from Body Shop. He said he will use it because he loves the smell.

I believe his fascination started when we were in Body Shop and I was buying creams for my face. I love Body Shop products because it all looks and smells fresh. Anyway, he was looking around for his Ginger Shampoo when he passed by the "soap" section. I remember him smelling all the soaps in the basket and holding on to one yellow soap and comparing the smell of that yellow soap with the rest. So, I didn't mind him. When I was on queue to pay for my creams, he approached me and handed me the ginger shampoo and the yellow soap that he was smelling. He said he wanted that soap. I smelled it and it smelled like the refreshing smell of "sampaguita" or jasmine. He insisted I buy it even if I told him that we still have Safeguard at home. So, I did buy it.
I love Doms' smell after he showers! Moringa really works for him! So, from then on I made sure that I buy him that soap. He loves that product too that's why you wouldn't imagine how happy he was when he saw the Moringa Foaming Wash on sale yesterday. I also bought the Moringa Milk Moisturung Lotion so that I will really smell like a Moringa, haha!
So, it seems that it will be Moringa ll the way for us!

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