19 July 2011

The Qantas A380 Experience and Rocking Novotel Rockford

I know I haven't updated my blog for the longest time. That's because I'm saving the a lot of events first before writing it down here in my blog.

Just like what my blog title states, I will be telling you our experiences and stories during our Sydney Trip. Mind you, I'm still starting with Days 1 and 2 so watch out for the rest of my blog posts.

Our trip to Sydney started last July 12, 2011. We bought our travel package months before this day to prepare for our visa and other stuff, like saving for our spending money, for the trip. I've researched on different places to visit around Sydney so I was equipped with maps and lists and transport directions before the trip.

Anyway, our flight was scheduled to depart Singapore Changi Airport at 9:40 am with an ETA to Sydney Kingsford Airport at 7:20 pm (local time). We were lucky enough to ride the new Qantas Airbus A380 Industrie planes.I was very nervous about this plane ride because I read news about this "new" plane and those news were not that good. Good thing I got myself together and told myself that everything will be OK.

The plane was huge! It was new and it was great! I loved the flight! I just hated that fact that we were grounded for almost 2 hours because of gasoline problems but aside from that everything was great!

Our in-flight entertainment consisted of a lot of movies in the touch screen panel in front of our seats which includes, Adjustment Bureau, Limitless, Tangled, Troy, Modern Family, Family Guy, Soul Surfer and other movies that were awesome and updated.

Food and drinks were also overflowing from our flight and I love the drink cans that were given away.

The flight was smooth. I didn't feel the take-off and the landing was quite alright. I remember watching Lord of the Rings first, then Beyonce's I Am.. concert then Soul Surfer. The food was great too! too bad I was not able to take a picture of our flight food.

Moving on, because of our delay, we arrived Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport  at 9:15 pm (local time). Ate Pla, our friend from PYM, was there to meet us and bring us to our hotel, Novotel Rockford Darling Harbour.

Our hotel was well situated in all areas around Sydney. Darling Harbour, IMAX Theatre, Cockle Bay, Chinatown, Harbourside Shopping Centre, Paddy's Market were just a mere 10 minute walk away from us. The main roads of George Street and Pitt Street were also near so walking to different places in Sydney was no problem for us.

SEGWAY: I took a picture of our hotel the next morning and here it is.

 And below is the view from our hotel room. The building that you can see here is Sydney Entertainment Centre.

After freshening up and some chat in our hotel room, Ate Pla, Doms and I went out and tried to find a place to eat. Since most stores and restos in Sydney closes at 5pm or 9pm, we just ate in a Kebab Stall in Harbourside Shopping Centre. The food was great! I love how the kebabs tasted when I added the "magic sauce" from Doms' dish.

This is Doms' order and the thingy inside the red foil wrap was our Chicken Kebabs.

Ate Pla and me posing for the camera. Haggard kung haggard!
After our tasty dinner, Ate Pla headed for home but Doms and I stayed a bit and took picture of Darling Harbour at night.

Street Signs. Dapat lang hindi na kame mawala!

Posing parin!

After the short night tour, we headed back to our hotel room and rested to prepare for our Day 2 in Sydney.

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