19 July 2011

Hyde Park, St. Mary's Cathedral and Queen Victoria Building

The next day of our Sydney Trip started early. We woke up at around 6:00 am and started to prepare for our buffet brekky. We were excited because it was our first time to have brekky in Novotel.

When we arrived at Ceezens, Novotel's lobby resto, the breakfast buffet was just inviting. Different types of breads, loafs, croissants were piled up in one corner. Then, Kellog's cereals were lined in clear glass containers. Fried eggs, breakfast sausages, grilled tomato, mushroom in olive oil and bacon aromas were all over the place. They have their own pancake maker in the buffet line. In short, we were in breakfast heaven!

We didn't fill ourselves too much with the food because we know we will be trying out other restos through out the day.

After brekky, we started our walk. Let me just say first that in the 5 days that Doms and I were in Sydney, we were just walking going to different places. Not including Blue Mountains because it was 2 and a half hours away from Sydney.

So anyway, we started off with Hyde Park. Hyde Park is a humongous park situated at the middle of Town Hall. All around you will see greenery, plants, birds and more plants.I saw people seating in benches eating lunch or snacks. Hyde Parks is such a quiet and serene place and ideal for people who just wants to sit down and feel one with nature.

Further down Hyde Park is a fountain, which the name I forgot, with a view of the famous St. Mary's Cathedral. I liked the fountain because I feel so liberated seeing the statues of the fountain.

If such fountain exists in the Philippines, people will think ill of it and might find it inappropriate. Good thing wala sha sa Pinas because I'm sure, in less than 3 days, that fountain will be removed.

After the fountain, we went straight to St. Mary's Cathedral  The church looked awesome and grand! I love it's structure and the building was just majestic.

We went inside the church and prayed. After which, we bought souvenirs from the church store. After the cathedral, we went to the Australian Art Museum. Nothing much was seen in that place but it was all OK.

We walked further down Elizabeth Street, which was parallel to George Street, until we came about Queen Elizabeth Building. I love this place! It was a mall but the mall is small and colorful.

We then went to Cockle Bay Wharf and Sydney Aquarium. I have separate blog posts for these places.

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