22 July 2011

Pancake on the Rocks, Sydney

One of our main goals during our Sydney trip was to try different food and dishes in different restaurants. Well, we did eat a lot but we didn't take pictures of all the food that we ate. Anyway, one of the restos that stood out during our trip was Pancake On the Rocks.

I've been searching about this resto way before our trip. It was well recommended by a lot Sydney bloggers so I made sure that we will eat in this resto.

Our first try of this wonderful place was in Harbourside Shopping Centre. It was our first full day in Sydney and before watching Harry Potter in Lido IMAX, we made a stop at Pancake On the Rocks.

The place was jam-packed with people and we had to wait around 10 minutes to be seated. While waiting, my mouth watered on all the food items passed us. My stomach wasn't cooperating either. It wasn't hard to order. Almost all the tables in the resto had Steak and Ribs on it so we decided to order both dishes.

Rib Eye Steak

Pork Ribs

Our order came out this glorious! I didn't care about the long wait for the food. I wanted to stuff everything in my mouth so I can taste every inch of the ribs (OA!). The steak was well done just the way we liked it. The sidings of veggies and cajun fries made it more yummier. The Pork Ribs on the other hand was the best that I've tasted so far. The BBQ sauce was so good and the ribs were so tender.

Then, we ordered Banana-Rama which was so nice to the eyes and to the tongue.

Banana Rama Pancake

The pancake medley had ice cream and cream at the same time with caramelized banana and syrup. We instantly digged in the pancake and it was gone in minutes!

Our next trip to Pancake On The Rocks was on a Friday. It was drizzling and we had a hard time looking for the place in the Rocks. The 2nd resto was cramped a bit and it wasn't as comfortable as the one in Darling Harbour, but people still lined up to get in! Good thing we came in early.

We ate pancakes purely on our second visit. I loved it! I really think that the reason why this resto was and still is a big hit is because the taste in their food is really consistent wherever the location of the resto is. The staff was also nice and accommodating.

Food price wise I really wouldn't know because I forgot the prices already. I think it's on the site. Well, I love this resto and I will definitely eat here again when we get back in Sydney!

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