21 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Let me just say that it was a very good decision to watch the last installment of the Harry Potter movie in the big *ss screen of IMAX in Sydney.

Let's rewind one month ago...

I bought tickets to watch Harry Potter last June 14. This day was more than a month before the actual screening of the movie and yet our seats were on the side already.

The actual screening date came and I was so excited to watch it in IMAX Sydney. People waiting in line were wearing costumes and this made me excited more!

Here are some pictures of the IMAX Theatre in Sydney...

Look how huge the cinema was?!?! Harry Potter and the rest of the cast were so close to my face I can even smell them!!! Joke!!!

Going back to the movie, IT WAS AWESOME!

I loved every part of it! The acting of the characters were exceptionally good and the effects were great! I cannot deny that every member of the cast and crew of this movie gave it there all to make this movie great and memorable.

I will surely miss watching the HP movies. Good thing I have all of the movies downloaded already!

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