25 July 2011

Featherdale Wildlife Park Zoo Morning

I can't think of a nice title for this blog post because I am not very excited talking about these activities. The main reason being my dislike in going to zoos and my fear of heights!

Our third day in Sydney marked a change from walking around the Sydney streets. We purchased a package tour going to one of the famous spots in Sydney called Blue Mountains. I was excited of course but terrified at the same time because I knew that I will be placed in a compromising position because our tour package includes "rides" that I was afraid to do.

Our tour also includes a ticket going to the Featherdale Wildlife Park. I like this place! Animals roam freely and you can pat or touch them. Except of course if there are snakes and lizards which I scream just by looking at their pictures.

Anyway, as always, Doms liked touching animals and taking pictures. As you can see, he looks like he loves all of them already!

 Me, on the other hand wants to as far away as possible to them.

My favorite part of this zoo experience was the picture taking with the cute Koalas. At least this one, looks like a stuffed animal only so no problems to me if I touch them!

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