26 July 2011

The Great Blue Mountains of Sydney

Continuing on with my blog posts about our Sydney trip was our experience in the cold Blue Mountains region of Sydney. Like what I said in my Featherdale Wildlife Park Adventure, my Blue Mountains experience was not that good because I didn't like the cable way ride and the scenic railway.

Anyway, after almost a 3 hour-ride from Sydney City, we arrived the "entrance" of Blue Mountains where the beautiful Three Sisters rock formation can be viewed. I was literally awestruck when I saw how neat and beautiful Three Sisters is.

Three Sisters rock formation was as if God went down and made by hand this rock formation. God is truly amazing! We were at a place called Echo Point where we can see the rock formation and the beautiful mountains.

After Echo Point, we then headed to a more adventurous part of Blue Mountains, Scenic World.

going to the different views of Scenic can be done either by Scenic Skyway, Scenic Cableway and Scenic Railway. We didn't do the first one, thank God! We just did the Cableway and Railway and n both rides, I was either shouting or I had my eyes closed.

good thing I was able to give smile to Doms at the Scenic Cableway above. I literally screaming on the way done, haha!

 But for the Scenic Railway, I was really scared when it was coming. A lot of things was coming inot my mind while doing the Railway! I was really freaked out!

In between the cable and railway, we had the chance to do the scenic bush walk going to the coal mines of Blue Mountains. It was a nice experience but it was also tiring! Steep staircases were always present and I hate stairs!

All in all, I liked out Blue Mountains adventure. It was scary for me because I didn't like anything that involves heights and steep railways but Doms seemed to like every minute of it. 

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