12 May 2011

What?!? Is That Rain I Hear?

Yeah I know I woke up to a gloomy morning. I even miscalculated the arrival timings of bus 965 and 969 and rode bus 962 instead and walked to the train. I hate it when this happens. Oh, did I mention I arrived 3 minutes after bus number 1 going to the office and waited for bus number 2 for like 8 minutes? SHUCKS!

Now I hear thunder outside, meaning Poseidon is brewing another heavy rain here. Sorry about using Poseidon, I have been reading the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan since April.

Good thing I brought my "equipment" with me with matching Iced Lemon Tea to give me the sugar kick for the day.

God I wish it's 6:00 pm already! Everything looks gloomy outside. Now, I think it's raining already.

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