12 May 2011

Awakening iPad Game

I went on a Big Fish iPad Game Shopping Spree last Monday. They had a Mother's Day Sale for apps and all games were $0.99 and my eyes went wild! I love Big Fish Games! Ever since the era of Mystery Case files, I always make sure to check if Big Fish has new games for my iPhone or my iPad.

The first game that I bought was Awakening: The Dreamless Castle in HD.

This app had a number of good reviews from the iTunes store so I bought it. I like the face of Princess Sophia, the protagonist of the game. It looked so realistic! After downloading, I got this icon in my iPad:

Cool huh?

Anyway, Sophia's story was the typical Sleeping Beauty where the kingdom was invaded by darkness and to save it, the parents of the princess put her in a deep sleep etc. etc. For a hundred years, the castle were taken cared of by goblins and other magical creatures. The princess needs to solve a series of spells and riddles so she can release the castle of the spell.

 As always, Big Fish creativity really made the game interesting.  The Hidden Object scenes were great! The graphics were nice and awesome.

The riddles were also quite challenging. It made me think so hard! specially towards the end of the game where i was resisting the urge to look at the game walk-through.

The game was really worth of my money. It didn't fail to make me interested and hooked to finishing it. My total game time was 3 hours and 19 minutes and I never regretted any minute of it! Great job to the creators of this game.

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle HD for iPAd

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