01 May 2011

Saturday Movie Date: Source Code

Since it was a long weekend, Doms and I decided to have a movie marathon of the movies that we missed out. The first movie that we watched was Source Code.

Source Code is an action-thriller movie that stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga.

I loved the story line of the movie. If only this scientific breakthrough will "really" happen. It will definitely help a lot of countries to figure out who is the mastermind of bombings and killings.

What I Loved: I loved the two main casts of the movie, Jake and Michelle. They were very good actors and they are really convincing. The story line was nice even if it shifted for like 4 or 6 times throughout the whole movie. The effects were good too and the suspense level was just right for this type of movie.

What I Hated: I hated the actor playing Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright). He was like acting and wasn't into the zone of the movie. He lacks depth and personality. I am not sure if the character was really like that but I didn't like it. He wasn't convincing enough. It will be more convincing if Vera Farmiga was the facility head ans Jeffrey Wright was the Air force Captain. I also didn't like the part where the villain of the movie was shown. He was too clean to be a distraught and crazy citizen.

All in all, I loved the movie. It was entertaining enough. It was just what we needed in a lazy Saturday afternoon show.

My rating:


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