05 March 2011

Finally Saw a Baby Picture of Doms

I was looking at some photos of Doms' sister in FB when I saw one picture that made me laugh at loud and made me literally fall from where I was sitting.

So what could it possibly be? Haha! I saw a toddler picture of Doms! Haha!

Alvin Dominic @ 4 years old, ata!
Doms is the one wearing blue, OK? He's not the one inside the cage. Anyway, I've been asking Doms for some of his baby pictures so we can have a record of what he looks like. But up to now, he still cannot produce one clear picture of himself when he was little. That's why I was so surprised when I saw the picture above because I haven't seen picture of him before.

Doms was not sure how old he was at that time but I'm guessing, it was the year when tuck-in was "in" and high waist was cool.

This picture really proves that Doms doesn't look at the camera when his picture is taken even before.

Haha! This really made my day!

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