29 March 2011

Chicken Chopsuey

I wanted to eat veggies for dinner last night so I searched for the chopsuey recipe. I want to say that I loved how my chopsuey turned out to be.

Chicken breast, seasoned with salt and pepper dredged in tapioca starch
Mushrooms, sliced
Snow peas, washed and ends cut
Cauliflower, washed and cut to florets
Baby Corn, drained
Carrots, thinly sliced
Half chicken broth

For the sauce:
Chicken broth
Oyster sauce
Sesame seed oil

Heat oil and fry chicken breasts until golden. Set aside. Mix all ingredients of the sauce.

In the pan where chicken was fried, heat oil again and saute garlic and onion. Then, drop carrots and cook until onion becomes clear.

Then drop cauliflower, mushrooms, then snow peas. Stir fry a bit then add half of the chicken broth. Boil until cauliflower are cooked. Drop baby corn and pour mixture if sauce. Mix until sauce is evenly distributed.


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