29 March 2011

Sophie Kinsella: My Fave Author

Sophie Kinsella has been my favorite author. I love the way she writes her fictional novels and I can relate to some situations that she adds in her witty titles.

I first learned about Sophie when my sister bought the whole line of The Shoppaholic Series. She was into the book so much that I was convinced that the story was nice. So I picked up one book from the series and tried reading it.

I found myself laughing out load in many parts of Confessions of a Shoppaholic. The book was well written and I can fully understand and imagine what the character was going through.

From then on, I always watch out for Sophie Kinsella books. I found her Stand Alone Books to be more interesting.

The first stand alone novel that I read from Sophie was "Can You Keep a Secret". I loved this book! It talks about Emma, a nervous airplane flyer, who accidentally spills all her secrets to the man she sat beside with in the plane. What she didn't know was she was going to meet "the man" again that will her lead to be vulnerable and open to everybody.

Next books that I read was Undomestic Goddes and Remember Me. The first one being more romantic and the latter being a little bit of usual story of a girl being hit with amnesia.

But my favorite among her stand alone novels was Twenties Girl. I really, really like the story of this book! This novel is a combination of a thrilling story because Lara, gets visited by the ghost of her Aunt Sadie, and wit, because I never knew that ghosts can act that funny in real life. I liked every bit of the story of this book. I can read it all over again be amazed over and over about the story.

Now, I cannot wait to buy Sophie's other books. She has other books that she wrote using her pen name Madeleine Wickham and I wanted to read that as well.

* All book cover images were taken from Sophie Kinsella's site


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