30 March 2011

Ironically Excited About Our Short Manila Vacation this Holy Week

OK, I know that it's my third Manila vacation for this year and I shouldn't be excited because, yeah, it's my third vacation. But I couldn't help it! Going back to Manila just for a short time makes me want to plan my whole wardrobe and list the things I need to buy in the grocery and make a schedule so that we can eat on the all the places that I want to eat in.

Sure I can't fit all these activities, but there's no harm trying right? So, I'm posting here our tentative schedule.

I remember Doms creating a schedule for our Pinas vacation. Here it is:

Good thing the words were not clear because of my screen capture. I liked the schedule but it was too cramped. Best part of his note was "shopping galore" scheduled on Sunday. As if may pang-shopping sha!

Anyway, my tentative schedule wouldn't be as detailed as our previous schedules. I will enumerate first the stuff that i would like to do and the places I want to go and the food that I want to eat!

Stations of the Cross in Bonifacio High Street
Bisita Iglesia in Sanctuario de San Antonio, Santa Clara, Padre Pio Churches
Kalbaryo Procession
Meet Friends from Lawson, UST and Fairview
Malling in Glorietta, Trinoma, Greenbelt

Home Cooked by my Mom: Tinapa and Adobong Pusit *
Dampa *
Banapple *
Josephine's Tagatay *
Kanin Club
Pancit Palabok

Ayan na! All the things that I want to do during our short Pinas vacation.I know these won't fit in our 5-day vacation but at least I was able to sort out my mind na. I really hope that we can try all of these stuff.

Countdown: 22 days to go!

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