03 March 2011

American Idol 10: The Boys Who I Liked

Finally, it's American Idol time!

I am so excited already. I can't wait to see the Top 24 perform. I have some of my favorites already but I want to start with a new slate in picking my favorite.

AI10 started with a blast. The stage looked awesome the judges looked great and everyone was excited for the show to start.

I was initially planning on blogging about each performer but it was just to tedious for me. So, I will just share the performances that I liked.

Here it goes...

Clint Jun Gamboa - Superstition
It was a happy performance. The lights complimented the song and Jun was able to bring it on. His performance was really a good start.Towards the end, I felt he was over reacting already with all the shouting and all the movement. But still, I liked his performance.

Paul McDonald - Maggie May
I was not sure what Paul's name was at first. All I could remember was his very unique voice. During his performance, i was just staring at him and looking at him and his style of clothing and I suddenly said, "I like him!". I love his performance. I love his dance moves and I love his tight and fit attire. It looked very good on him. I was already imaging Doms with that same style of outfit in my cousins wedding in November. -> SEGWAY!

James Durbin - You got Another Thing Comin'
James Durbin was super! His energy was way over the top. Everybody can feel him and the judges definitely liked him.I can feel him being part of the Top 12 contestants of AI 10 and he will definitely go a long way.

Jacob Lusk - A House is Not a Home
What more can I say? This guy is a performer. He sings very well and he shows his emotion through singing. I just don't feel his "dance of joy" but he really deserves to be part of idol.Talented people like that should be seen all over the world.

Scott McCreery - Letters From Home
Ok, Scott for me is so ADORABLE.He sings country music so well it seems he has been singing since birth. What I like about him is the way he projects himself in television. He knows how to act cute and he is cute and the people around him believes he is cute!

All in all, the boys performed OK. I hated the other performers specially that Jordan Dorsey dude! He kept on saying "that's not me that's not me". What's up with that? Why did you choose that song in the first place?!?!

Towards the end of the episode. I felt that the judges didn't really give out appropriate criticisms to the boys. They should have just added "more" to what they have to say. Their comments were not that helpful if you ask me.

So, it's the girls turn now! I'm they will be better.


  1. Nice blog you have here. Saw this via Nuffnang. I love that you love American Idol. Hehe.

  2. wow! thanks for visiting my site... i love your site as well, idol blog!

    i love ai10 and i hope they keep it interesting. tc!



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