03 March 2011

Milo Easy Cool

When you say Milo, the first thing I can think of is steaming hot Milo in a mug. I used to love drinking Milo ever since I was a kid. My mom used to make me drink Milo before going to school or before going to bed. I love how the chocolate taste lingers in my mouth after a while. I considered Milo to be one of my comfort food choices when I was a kid.

So sad that to think that some time along the way, I outgrew drinking Milo. I seldom drink it already. Here in Singapore, hawker centers sell "Iced Milo". Doms loves ordering this! It's a just a cold version of the Milo I used to love.

I tried making "Iced Milo" at home. I bought the usual Milo Drink powder, boiled hot water, poured it over the Milo powder, stirred, and got around 4 ice cubes to make it cold.We were happy doing this ritual, until i found this in Shop n Save:

How cool is this?

A Milo Drink Powder that can dissolve in cold water! No more boiling hot water then adding ice cube to make it cold. You can just add cold water and stir and you have your Iced Milo ready. It's the same taste Milo taste that I love, just in cold water.

I am not sure if Manila has this product also but I'm guessing they have. Try it!

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