28 February 2011

Pineapple Express

One of the benefits of having friends that can bake or cook wonderful food is the fact that they need other people, like me, to taste their creations and give feedback to their recipe.

Efren is my office mate in Crimson Logic. Ever since I met him, I already know that he has the capability to cook gourmet meals and delicious "ulams". So, lunchtime with him is always fun because I get to try all the meals that he cooks.

Recently, he has been into making desserts. I tried his Apple Crumble already and I like it so much specially with ice cream on top. Mind you, he didn't get the perfect Apple Crumble recipe at first. He practiced always, which was a good thing because we were always there to taste the outcome. As for me, I liked all the outcome types that he brings to work. After not so many tries, I believe he can make an Apple Crumble even with his eyes closed. So, he started on with a new dessert recipe called Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Today was just the 2nd time that I tried the Pineapple dessert. The first time Efren asked me to try this new dessert, I liked it right away! I love the taste of the sponge cake that he actually made for the dessert. He told me that he added crushed pineapples in the cake batter which gave the cake the sweet and salty taste.

The picture above is how the pineapple cake looks like. It looked heavenly and the taste was to die for. I liked that this recipe had somewhat burnt edges that gave the cake the chewy texture. I had this slice all to myself! I left a small part for Doms to try. I hope I can control myself from eating that small part.

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