01 March 2011

First of Summer

Summer has officially started!

It's the 1st of March and even if I'm wearing a jacket now because it's cold here in the office, unconsciously I know that somewhere out there, the sun is shining.

When I was kid, 1st of March means that the summer vacation will soon come and swimming activities and outings are here to stay. Now, since we don't have summer vacations anymore, March means that we can officially plan for out of town trips and vacations.

There are a lot of activities that Doms and I are planning to do in the summer months (March to May). For this month, we are planning to discover Siloso Beach in Sentosa and try out the different activities around the area.

I really hope that we can continue with our plans for the summer. There are a lot of places and countries taht Doms and I like to visit so we need to start now if we want to go on with our list.

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