28 February 2011

83rd Oscar Awards Red Carpet Best Dressed (For Me)

I've been raving about the Oscar's since last week. I know I promised to watch all the Best Picture nominees but as always, I didn't have the time to do it.

I'm also kinda sad since I cannot access any streaming site here in my office so I just rely on people's tweets (with envy) about what's happening in the awards night. I've been waiting like FOREVER for sites with red carpet pictures but nothing loads so far! Seems people kept on accessing all the celebrity sites just to get a look on how the actors/actresses are dressed. Or maybe, the sites keep on updating the photos that's why it so long to load.

I just read that The Social Network won Best Film Editing and Inception won Best Visual Effects. Shucks! I want to watch the Oscar's now!

I'm loving the following gowns already! Pictures taken from TMZ.com Of course, these are what I think are the best dressed because I love their gown style. I already saw 2 gowns that I hated and I will blog about later.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Mandy Moore
Sandra Bullock

Mila Kunis
I love Mila Kunis' gown! It reminded me of my wedding. When I was so busy searching for the right neckline. If I saw this, I'd probably use this design.

And for the best dressed to me... Drum roll please!

Scarlet Johansen
I love the lace style! I love the cut! I love everything about it! It really looks good on her. Until my next blog about the Oscar's!

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