21 March 2011

Singapore ArtScience Museum Adventure

Like what I said when I posted pictures of our adventure, Doms and I enjoyed the educational afternoon.

We were not sure how to buy tickets. When I checked The ArtScience Museum site, there was an option to buy tickets online but we wanted to buy over the counter.

The museum is open from 10 am to 10 pm. It houses different exhibitions every quarter. We were lucky enough to experience the Genghis Khan and the ancient artifacts of Mongolia, Shipwrecked which showed the which shows the Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds and the Traveling the Silk Road path. 

When we arrived in the beautiful and unique structure of the ArtScience Museum, we were amazed at how the museum looked like. It's finger shaped building shows how modernized and creative the creators of the place are.

 We first went to the Genghis Khan exhibition where we learned more about the time of the great conqueror Genghis Khan. With this exhibition, we were treated with Genghis Khan's time, rule and sayings.

Genghis Khan the Exhibition

Mongol Soldiers

Ancient Cross Bow

Monglian Preserved Clothing

OK Fine

Mongol Sword
We were treated with some Mongol Music too. 

Mongolian Music

Then, we went to the Travel the Silkroad Exhibition which I loved because of the camels.

Doms and the Camel

Spices Market

Dindin and the Camel
Then we went to the Shipwrecked Exhibition which shows stuff salvaged from shipwrecks in Asia. There was one gold cup in the exhibit and there are guards guarding it! Cool!

All in all, the museum was great! I loved that adventure! I hope in the coming months, there will be other exhibitions that we can visit.

Ticket Cost: 30 sgd per person

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