14 March 2011

Not in Manila: Fairprice Singapore Scan, Pack, Pay System

When I was a kid, I used to go with my mom in Cherry Foodarama for grocery shopping. When she's in queue to pay the stuff we bought, I will go to the side of the cashier and watch her punch the numbers or prices in the cashier register. I used to think, "How can she memorize all these prices?!?".

When there was an empty stall or booth, I'd happily sit on the adjustable chair and punch the cashier registry as if I'm a cashier too.

Time passed and I outgrew my cashier registry dream phase. The actual registry even changed and got updated to the scan type and the only "punching" that cashiers do is to enter their ID number. But my longing to try and scan the grocery items still lingers in me even until now.

So, I was so surprised to see the Scan-Pack-Pay system of Fairprice Finest in Clementi Mall.

Trying our the machines

Scan, Pack, Pay Stall in Fairprice finest @ Clementi
 The setup looks like the image above. Each stall comes with a scanner, a small monitor for instructions, the NETS payment machine and the grocery bags that are on top of a weight sensitive machine.

The system goes like this. The customer approaches one of the self-service machines and places his/her grocery bag on top of the white surface on top. Then, a set pf instructions will appear on the screen.

I really think this process is very cool! It doesn't need much manpower because the customers themselves do it. But this process requires a lot of honesty from the customers. Imagine, they will be the one who will declare the stuff that they bought??!?!

That's why I think this process will not be possible in the Philippines. Too bad.

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