21 March 2011

Fish Fillet with Corn Sauce

Doms' loves corn! As in he loves it so much. He's an avid fan of the steamed corn with butter in hawker centers or food stalls. So, majority of the dishes that I'll be trying has corn in it.

Fish Fillet with Corn Sauce

Any white fleshy fish fillet
Salt and pepper
Tapioca starch
Olive oil

Corn kernels drained and det aside
Corn water
Tapioca starch
Dried oregano

Cut fish fillet according to the size you like. Me, I made it bite sized. Season with salt and pepper abd dust with starch. Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown.

For the sauce, melt butter then add starch. Make sure to stir it. Then add corn water abd cintinue stirring until sauce consistency becomes a little sticky.

Top corn sauce on fish fillets then add dried oregano for garnish.


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