18 March 2011

American Idol 10: The Top 12 Performance Review and Results

OK, I didn't even have the power to finish the episode of American Idol last night. Everything was just too boring for me. I hated half of the contestants' performance. I even hated Paul's song choice. I really wish that he sings the songs that are suitable to his voice and songs that are generally known by everyone and not only by him. If he doesn't step up a notch, he will be in trouble of going home soon.

I was just happy that 2 of song that I chose for the contestants came up, Naima's "What's Love Got to Do" which turned out to be an average performance and forgettable and James' "I'll Be There for You" which I think was just an OK performance.

What else can I say? Top 12 performances should be good already! How come the contestants are still average? They should be performing for their lives and they should be stepping up every week. Shesh!

Performances that I liked include: Pia, Stefano, Scott and James. I was kinda happy that Karen got eliminated because I don't like ever since from the start. Karen, we know you are Latina but please stop rubbing it in our faces.

I really hope that next week, their performances will be greater that this week. I'm starting to feel bored about watching it already.

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