04 March 2011

American Idol 10: The Girls Who I Liked

Well, even if I was so sleepy already, I still wanted to watch the Top 12 Girls perform and do their thing in Idol. So, wrapped in my fluffy blanket, I watched on as the girls strut themselves and perform.

Disclaimer: This blog was written way different from the American Idol 10: The Boys who I Liked because I am not familiar with majority of the songs sang by the girls.

The girls performance started of with an average performance of the Only Girl in the World. If you ask me, that performance was so tiring! I can feel the contestant really grasping for air just to follow the song. Well, anyway, I first started to feel the competition when Naima Adedapo performed. I love her voice! And I love her moves! She knows how to lure people on with her performance. I also like her fashion! I really hope she makes it through.

Next performance that liked was Thia Megia's rendition of the song On My Own. The acapella  intro was great and it added to the mood and style of her performance. I loved her outfit! Her piece was nice but not amazing. I feel that she is playing safe on her song choices. If she gets through, she should show a wilder and lighter side of herself to everyone.

the rest of the girl's performances just passed by. I forgot most of them already which was bad because I really thought that the girls will rule this season's Idol.

well, good thing Pia Toscano came in and brought everything to the next level. Her performance was inspiring. i can feel her emotions and she brought it in! The standing "O" was well deserved and I really feel that we will see more of Pia in the coming episodes.

That's it! I kinda know who the Top 13 contestants already because I saw spoilers of the show but I will blog about it when I watch the elimination episode tonight.

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