17 February 2011


I started my first ever blog way back when I was still in college. I remember that blog being my outlet. That was where placed my stories about school work, deadlines, thesis and other things I considered "important" at that time of my life. Of course, stories about my experience with boys were also embedded there. I remember recounting the times I was happy and of course the times I was sad.

I remember changing and changing the title of that blog to what I was feeling at that time. I maintained that blog for 2 years, 2004 to 2006. Towards the end of that blog, I found myself writing bitter stories and mad posts. The main reason was because I was in a bad time. So, I decided to close that blog to forget all the nasty and sad moments that I was going through at that time.

There was a gap from my last blog to my next blog. I became busy with work that I didn't have the time to create a blog. to keep me busy, I became obsessed with another form of social networking site in those years. I created a blog too in that site, but it never prospered. But, something inside me was missing. I didn't have a place to put all my stories about work life, about deadlines and crazy colleagues. So, around July 2008, I created another blog

That blog was the closest and dearest blog to my heart. I started that blog in a good time. I was in a happy relationship with Doms, who is now my husband. I was also employed in a very good company at that time and my love for writing and sharing my experiences to anyone out there bloomed more.

Now, I decided to close that blog to give way to another chapter in my life.

The Wifey Notes will have the same tone and atmosphere as my previous blog. It will talk about food, places, merchandise, photography, movies, books, series, events and anything and everything under the big bright sun! I will maintain this new blog the way I maintained my 2 other blogs. I will try my best to update it always to keep up with the trends and fads along the way.

Having a blog has been part of my life already. I love writing and this is the main reason why I love having a blog. I love sharing my opinions and stories to everyone. I really hope that people from all over the world will come and read my new blog. That's too much to ask but what is wrong with dreaming, right?

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