19 February 2011

Lomo iPhone Apps

Ever since I learned about Lomography, I wanted to try and buy a lomo camera. I like the texture and the way the picture turns out using a lomo camera.

Half way through my "want" path to buy a lomo cam, I found out that there are free iPhone apps that I can download that will give the same output that I want in a real lomo cam.

I downloaded a bunch of lomo apps but only 2 apps became my favorite: Instagram and Lomo Lomo.

Instagram is a free photo sharing application for iPhone or iPod. It allows you to capture pictures and lets you choose the output texture and style from a series of choices. It also allows you to link your social networking accounts like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Flicker etc and upload the picture that you took in those mentioned platforms. Instagram also lets you add friends who installed the same app so you can share pictures with them easily. Here are some of my sample pictures using Instagram:

LomoLomo in the other hand, is an iPhone app that truly gives a feel a lomo camera feel. This lomo app did a great job in capturing effects but additional effects will cost you. Well, I don;t really care. I love the 2 free effects currently in my app so no harm done. I could buy the other effects but not in the near future. Here are some of my shots using this app:

So with the mentioned apps, my super "want" mode in buying a lomo camera lessened. I know, lomo camera users will tell me that these apps are not the real things, but for me, it's OK already.

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