19 February 2011

The Handburger Experience

I was craving for "something" when I woke up this morning. I wasn't sure what type of food was it I was craving for. I wanted something new to my taste buds, something unusual. Good thing I checked one of my favorite Singapore based bloggers' site and I saw her post about a burger joint in the city called Handburger.

The Handburger is an elegant burger joint located in 2 distinct malls here in Singapore namely Raffles City and 313@Somerset. We tried the one in Raffles City mainly because that resto just opened.
The Handburger's Unique Wooden Serving Dish aka Place Mat
 The Handburger serves fresh gourmet burgers made from the finest ingredients. From a far, we can already smell the baking buns in the air. Doms and I had a hard time choosing which burger to get because everything in the menu looked terrific.

Doms ordered "The Works" which made of grilled beef patty with onion rings, bacon, fried egg, mushroom, cheese on a toasted onion bun. I think there were more ingredients but I couldn't remember the rest of it. He topped up around S$4 for drinks and a bowl of wonderful tasting fries and the magic dip.
Milk Shake, Iced Lemon Tea and Fries with the awesome Magic Dip
 When his order arrived, it looked heavenly!

The Works Burger from Hand Burger
I wanted to taste it right away! Doms was just trying to figure out how he will "attack" his burger. When he tasted it, I was very sure he liked it because he finished it right away!

The Thinking Doms
As for me, I wanted a little bit of everything so I ordered the The Sliders. It consisted of 4 slider burgers of my choice. It's a recommended order for people who are not familiar of how the different burgers tasted.

The Slider. Consists of The Handburger Original Slider, Pulled Pork Slider, Battered Dory Slider, Chicken Caeser Slider
The first one was missing because I ate it right away, my bad! I loved everything about The Hand Burger. The waiters were nice and the ambiance was great! The waiting time was kinda long but it was understandable because they were baking the breads right on when people order. Also, their 1 for 1 Milk Shake promo was kinda unexplained to customers that well. But I don't like to dwell on that.We loved their burgers and we will definitely come back and try the rest of their burgers in the future.

 Total Cost: S$35

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