21 February 2011

iPhone Case, Not!

Ok, ok! I know that people from Crumpler might message me and tell me that the merchandise that I bought from them is not really an iPhone case or pouch per se. It was really intended to be a camera case. But what the hell?!?! I liked the pouch the first time I saw it.

My Crumpler iPhone Case
You know how Crumpler names their products, right? Like, Doms' camera bag is called "6 Million Dollar Home". The reason, I don't know. My pouch is called "The Grub". It's a stretchable case made with a soft material that acts as a padding for anything that you put in it. It has a small finger hole attached to it so you strap it to anywhere and leave it and the contents hanging to free your hands.

One downfall of this product is that it doesn't have a zipper or a latch that will prevent the item inside from slipping. Other than that, it's OK.

Crumpler "The Grub" case" cost: S$26

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