22 February 2011

83rd Oscars Best Picture Nominee: Black Swan

Starting of with my first review blog about the 83rd Oscar Awards nominees for Best Picture is the film Black Swan.
I have had only a little feedback from friends about how this movie is about. A story about a ballerina with hopes of being the star in a feature performance of Swan Lake is not that appealing to me. So, I delayed my time in watching this film. I waited to get a DVD copy of the movie instead of watching it in theaters.

My first impression of it was it was thrillingly nice. Natalie Portman really rose above everybody else in her performance as Nina Sayers. She was very convincing and she really nailed the part. Well, she really should excel because training for 6 months for a role like that is not that easy. I particularly liked the part when she started to have hallucinations. She played the role of a distraught, pressured and confused ballerina amazingly. I will not be surprised if she wins Best Actress because her performance was excellent.

Other cast members like Mila Kunis as the loose and totally opposite ballerina that Nina thinks is sabotaging her performance to get the main role, Winona Ryder as the antagonizing ex-Swan Queen, Vincent Casell as the perfectionist instructor and Barbara Hershey as the overbearing and over protective mother made the movie more absorbing. They played their role very well and I really believed that all of them suit their roles perfectly.

The musical scoring, the setting, the overall appearance of the film added to it's goal of being a psychological thriller of the lead role's struggle on being perfect. I wasn't that happy on the ending. Well, I'm not a fan of bad endings that's why I felt bad when she died. I think I even mentioned to Doms that I was a bit teary eyed.

My overall rating of this movie is 8/10. Kudos to people who are behind this movie. But I really must say that Incpetion is still my bet for winning Best Picture.

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